Tips for Extracting Photos from Your Video

Extracting the Magic - Tips for using photos from your videon on your scrapbooking pages

Being a Part of the Magic

    For some reason my family seems to be frequently picked to be in various stage shows at Disney World throughout many of our vacations spent there.

Our very first trip I appeared in the Hoop De Doo Revue much to my children’s delight and my embarrassment. 😉
They even put me in a pioneer dress and hat!

    Our daughter square danced with dancers in Frontierland and my husband has appeared in 3 shows – twice in Flights of Wonder and once in a magic show on the Disney Magic cruise ship.

    These moments, of course, are so much fun and just add to the general magic of being in Walt Disney World. I like to think of these moments as extra magic moments. Funny though, I have yet to scrapbook any of them even though they are some of my favorite Disney memories of all time.

    Maybe because these moments are often hard to photograph in the midst of the excitement and laughter? I think that must be it because I sat down to continue my Flights of Wonder pages and when I went to get the photos I realized I had almost NONE of the first time my husband was called on stage.

No… I Shot Video

    I happened to click on one of the few photos I did have and instead a video clip began to play, much to my surprise. Then I remembered. I shot video the entire time.

    My husband had his camera on stage with him and then when we compared notes afterwards not only did I not have photos but he also was not successful in capturing the flying owl coming directly towards him!

    “Did you get a photo of it” “No, didn’t you?” “No….I shot video” … is how the conversation went.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney's Animal Kingdom Flights of Wonder by Sharon

    Flights of Wonder at Animal Kingdom is a great bird show for all ages and an added fun aspect is that audience members are called to come up on stage and interact with the birds or help to demonstrate tricks that the birds will perform. The first time my husband was called up they had him sit with 2 other people while a Great Horned Owl flew directly towards them.

    The idea was to have a camera ready to snap a picture up close and personal. I was so excited that he was selected because my husband is a huge bird lover.

There must be a way to get a photo from a video

    So now here I am 3 years later wanting to scrap that fun memory. I sat for a minute thinking maybe I would have to do a photoless layout with journaling until I remembered there must be a way to get photos from the video itself. I googled it and within 5 minutes I was scrolling video frames and saving pics left and right.

    I simply opened up the video clip in Windows Live Movie Maker and saved the photos I wanted. I found that the only issue is the overall quality so I decided I would keep the photos small and do a filmstrip type layout.

    I remembered I had some new templates by Scrappin’ with Liz that were going to be perfect -so I got busy. I also had some new unique templates by Fiddle Dee Dee that have stamped feathers – how perfect!

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney's Animal Kingdom Flights of Wonder

From Nothing to Two Pages

    Even though I had to keep the photos fairly small and the photo quality is nothing special I was so pleased with the final result.

I went from thinking I had nothing to scrap with… to 2 full pages!

    I had so much fun adding the Project Mouse word art. I also couldn’t get over how perfect these 2 templates were for the subject matter and the photos.

    The Macaw background paper fit into the feathered template wonderfully. I kept the template feathers exactly as they were – only recoloring a couple of them.

    Another thought I had when I was deciding to figure out how to scrap this was that I could have used a QR code on my page and uploaded the video somewhere but it seemed so laborious to me and somewhat impermanent.

    I also thought about putting the video clip on a tiny little flash drive and putting it in a little envelope that I could attach to the page – hybrid scrapping style. I still might do that.

But in the meantime I achieved a fully scrapped page by pulling pics right from the video itself. So I encourage you to think about using your video clips if you find yourself short on photos for an important memory that you want to scrap!

Keep scrapping!


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Extracting the Magic - Tips for using photos from your videon on your scrapbooking pages