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This article was written by Jackie of  Delightfully Disney and was originally posted on February 5th.  It is a great review of the Donald Safari Breakfast at the Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom Park.   I just love getting into the park early and meeting Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Goofy in their safair wear.   Enjoy as Jackie takes you on a tour….

Photos with Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Mickey all decked out for a SafariMeet Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Mickey all decked out for a Safari

I LOVE love eating breakfast at Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom! It is my very favorite breakfast on Walt Disney World property and also holds the title as my favorite Character Meal.  So eating there is a double win for me!

When you arrive at the Animal Kingdom you must first check in to the main gate.  FYI dining at the Tusker House does require admission into Animal Kingdom.  Make sure you also have your bags out and ready for bag check too because you will be required to go through that as well.  Once you are let in to the park you are free to make your trek over to Tusker House.

TIP #1

We always  make our reservations before the park opens, so when we are walking to the restaurant there are only a handful of people around.  It is the perfect time to get some family shots in front of the tree of life, no crowds or anyone photobombing your potential next Christmas Card. {tweet this}

Once you arrive at Tusker House you will check in.  Depending on how early you are you may be asked to wait a few minutes.  Once they are ready for you they call your name and you are ushered into a line right outside the front door of the restaurant.  This line is for a family picture with Donald!  This will be your only opportunity to meet Donald at the Tusker House.  He will sign autographs and take pictures with you and your family!

TIP #2

Have the Cast Member take a picture with your iPhone or camera, they will happily do so!

See they sell the pictures of you and your family during your meal.  A cast member will come around, show you the photo, let you hold it and admire it and then ask you to pay for it.  Pricey.  Turns out that my iPhone picture turned out a whole lot better than the picture that the Photopass Photographer took.  Mine was a great angle, and the one they were trying to sell to me was blurry.  I slapped my iPhone picture in instagram and I have an awesome print that is proudly hanging in my home!

Donald Duck Charachter Meet

The eats at this place are incredible! The menu is a buffet that offers a WIDE variety of different foods.  The buffet is quite different than others on Walt Disney World property.  You still have the usual offering (eggs, bacon, mickey waffles) but you also have a lot of other options as well.  Several African dishes dawn the menu as well as my favorite menu item.. the Cheese Blintzs’ with fruit compote. {tweet this}  There is a yummy doughnut and croissant bar, fruit and cheese area, a great oatmeal bar, egg dishes, a meat carving station and a lot more.  And of course the buffet is all you can eat so you can eat till your hearts content.

TIP #3

Big filling breakfasts’ like this is a great money saving tip.  Breakfast is typically cheaper at WDW so fill up and skip lunch or just have a light snack! {tweet this}

Jungle Juice is the Tusker House’s signature drink.  It is a combo of orange, guava, and passion fruit juices.  It is my hubby’s favorite drink at Walt Disney World!  He even asks for a bigger cup as soon as we sit down!  Make sure you try some. On our last trip to Tusker House our server told me how they make it, I was a little surprised/disappointed.  I wont share it here but if you are interested, let me know and I will share with you how to make this lovely beverage at home.

Sampling of the MenuJungle Juice and Cheese Blitzes

While you are eating Mickey, Daisy and Goofy come around to your table for pictures and to sign autographs.  Something about the layout of the restaurant really helps to make it feel like the characters really spend a lot of time at each table.  It is really nice, you don’t feel rushed.  After the characters have visited your table Goofy puts on a Jammin Jungle with the parade with all the kiddies (and parents too) with some shakers.  It is a lot of fun and another bonus about dining here!

If you make your reservation early enough in the morning, like I do, you will finish up your meal maybe 5-10 minutes before the park actual opens to other guests.  While the cast members don’t let you leave the Tusker House waiting area you do get to be outside and make a plan for the rest of the day.

TIP #4

After your breakfast and the park officially opens, head straight to the Safari.  The morning is a wonderful time to go, the animals are out and walking around. {tweet this}  By heading there straight from Tusker House you beat a lot of the crowd and normally you can walk straight on one of the vehicles!

So lets review our tips for dining at Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House 
  • TIP #1 – Make your reservation early and snap an awesome family photo before the park gets crowded.
  • TIP #2 – Have the Cast Member take a picture of your family and Donald with your iphone/personal camera.  The picture will be just as good, if not better, and it is free!
  • TIP #3 – Fill up on breakfast and save money by eating a lighter lunch
  • TIP #4 – After breakfast head straight for the Safari and avoid the massive lines!


I recommend this restaurant to all of my friends, and I think you will love it too! It is a lot of fun and a personal favorite of mine.  Have you tried Tusker House before?
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I hope you enjoyed Jackie’s review and helpful hints of Tusker House Charachter Breakfast.   I am also a fan of the Jungle Juice!  Currently the price range for Donald’s Safari Breakfast is $15 for children to $35 for an adult.  

Picture packages are not included with the meal and run about $32 at the time of this article.  It includes one 6 x 8 in a decorative folder, four 4 x 6 prints, and a character stock photo.

Please take the time and stop by Delightfully Disney to see what else Jackie has been up to.  She is always ready for a new helpful hint.

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