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The theme this week is Characters Great and Small. I thought of Little Man right away when he discovered he could climb all over the firetruck at ‘Where’s the Fire?’display in Innoventions.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Innoventions Where's the Fire Truck

“Where’s the Fire” presented by Liberty Mutual

  • Located in Innoventions West, this attraction teaches adults and children basic fire safety in a fun and entertaining way
  • About every 5 minutes, groups are led into a mock house to discover fire hazards commonly found in the house
    • Groups work as teams and use a special “safety light” to find the hazard
    • This attraction is great for all ages, but little ones will need help holding the light as it is a bit heavy
  • Play it Safe area is geared to teach basic safety rules for escaping a fire to the little ones
  • Next to the house is a 30 ft fire truck built by W.S. Darley & Company
    • Lets guests see how a pumper truck operates and learn about the equipment worn, carried and used by firefighters
    • Also include the “Badges of Honor” exhibit that includes a sampling of patches worn by firefighters around the country
      • Reedy Creek, Walt Disney World’s fire department, is prominently displayed in square 1A.
      • The other patches are routinely removed and replaced with new additions.
      • If you’re a firefighter, feel free to add your patch to the collection. Just ask a cast member for details and they’ll help you fill out the necessary paperwork.
    • You can also have your picture taken (free of charge) standing next to the fire truck. To snap the picture, you press a button on top of a fire hydrant.
  • Local firemen occasionally make guest appearances at this attraction to encouraged kids to get to know these brave men and women to help alleviate any fears they may have.

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