three reasons to stop in at the Weinkeller for a glass of wine at Epcot's German Pavilion

I have a confession, while other people crave snacks like school bread from Norway or caramel popcorn from Germany I crave the wines of Epcot and the World Showcase.

Welcome to this month's Blogorail Red Loop. Today we are touring some of the great bars and lounges you can find at the Disney Parks.

More than once my husband has said let’s get a snack and without hesitation I immediately head towards a wine cellar.  Luckily his snacks are usually in the same pavilions as my wine.

My two go-to wine cellars are in Italy and Germany.  But if you ask me which one is my favorite I would have to say it is the German Pavilion Weinkeller.  Let me give you a couple of reasons why.

Epcot German Pavilion

1. immersion in a German wine cellar

At the back of the German Pavilion, in between Stein Haus and Biergarten, you will find a sign for the Weinkellar.

Epcot Germany Pavilion - Weinkeller

Once you enter you will find yourself in a small German wine cellar (hence the name). The dark wood and the stone floor gives it that cellar feel.  You will actually find yourself a bit chilly even in the heat of summer due to just the ambience alone.

Germany's Weinkellar is a great place to enjoy a drink with friends (photo credit: )

Germany’s Weinkellar is a great place to enjoy a drink with friends (photo credit: )

If you look towards the back you will see a bar lined with wine bottle and behind it three intricately carved wine casks and wood working.

In addition to the bar they also have some butcher block tables to stand around and enjoy a glass of wine with good company.

Don’t be surprised if you make new friends while you stand here.  There isn’t much room and you may be asked to share your table.  It is a great way to get to know people and enjoy the moment.

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2. many wines to experience

When you think of Germany the first thing that comes to mind is sweet Rieslings and beer. This is what Germany is known for but don’t be fooled they have so much more to offer.

Just ask the cast member working behind the bar and they will be happy to describe the differences in the wines.  They have everything from white to red and sweet to dry.  You may not find a deep Cabernet there but don’t be surprised if you find something you like.

And if you want to you can buy a bottle to take with you and if you are on Disney property you can have it delivered right to your resort.

grab a bottle to take with you (photo credit: www.tripswithtykes )

grab a bottle to take with you (photo credit: www.tripswithtykes )

They don’t serve beer here but you will find a couple of specialty items to try.

Glühwein is a traditional mulled wine that is enjoyed hot during the winter months, especially during the Christmas season.  It is served warn so I am not sure if middle of summer is time to try this one.

Stroh Jagertee (hunter’s tea) is a spiced Austrian liqueur and is also enjoyed hot. But I have seen people buy a bottle of this and open it right there to be enjoyed.

In recent years they have also added a cheese plate to the menu. Right now it is a bargain at $5 per plate and comes with enough nibble to feed two people.  Perfect for pairing with German wines.

artisan cheese plate (photo credit: www.disneyfoodblog )

artisan cheese plate (photo credit: www.disneyfoodblog )

If you are a sweet dessert wine fan you will not be disappointed.  In fact I highly recommend a dessert wine in the evening after dinner along with a walk around world showcase.  Or if you are like me, drink it while the kids spend hours watching the model trains.  No matter what it is the perfect end to an evening.

Epcot Germany Pavilion - drinking wine while watching the trains go by

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3. a good use of your money

Like other locations around the world showcase you can buy a glass of wine ranging from $5 and on up (I accidentally discovered an $18 a glass in Italy on my last trip – don’t tell my husband).

Epcot Germany Pavilion - enjoy the wine by the glass

But the best value here is he wine flight.  Especially if you like dessert or ice wines.   I also recommend any of the Rieslings.  You really can’t go wrong.

In the wine flight you are given 2 oz pours of three different wines.

TIP: You can choose to get all three of those wines or choose just one wine.  This will give you a glass with 6 oz of wine.  As reference, wine by the glass is 4 oz.

Epcot Germany Pavilion - enjoying a weinkeller wine flight

BEST VALUE: The best value is with the dessert wines.  A 2 oz pour of a dessert wine costs $10 but the wine flight costs just over $14 for 3 2 oz pours. Let’s see $14 or $30 – which would you choose.

Overall I just love the Weinkeller and I visit it on every trip!



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three reasons to stop in at the Weinkeller for a glass of wine at Epcot's German Pavilion