Tutorial and Free SVG for creating Disney Themed Ornaments

Disney Inspired Fab 5 DIY Holiday Ornaments

About three years ago I ran across these cute Disney ornaments by a friend of mine, Jackie of Delightfully Disney. I have always thought about these ornaments and wondered how I could add onto the idea.

Homemade Mickey and Minnie Ornaments

Then I discovered vinyl cutting my my Cricut and I had that ‘aha’ moment. I started to focus on the Fab 5 (for now) and this idea was born. Now I am sharing it with you to see how again you can add onto it and make it your own.

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what you will need to make these ornaments


  • Clear Ornaments – Either plastic or glass ornaments will work fine. I went with plastic because there are many little hands in my house and I was afraid because these ornaments look so cute they could end up shattered on the floor.
  • Extra Fine GlitterExtra fine glitter works best and you can use any brand. You will find that using this glitter will make your ornaments more sparkly than any store bought out there. They are geourgeous!
  • High Gloss Polycrylic – There are tutorials out there for using Mop ‘n Glow but I had no luck with that. I found that the Minwax polycrylic was much easier to work with and the glitter stays on.
  • Vinyl Scraps – The nice thing about these ornaments is they use scraps of vinyl. You can use either removeable or permanent vinyl. Colors I uses were: yellow, green, black, red, white and blue.
  • Contact Paper – You will need some type of transfer paper. You can use the official Cricut transfer paper and or do what I do and use some clear shelf liner.
  • Personal Cutter – I used myCricut Explore but since I used an SVG file any personal cutter will do the job.
  • Ribbon – These are optional but adding a bow to the ornaments really added a finished look to them.
  • Tool – Items that are handy for putting everything together include a small funnel, tiny paper cups and a small paint holder.
  • Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - supplies

    Making the Glitter Ornaments

    these are so easy you will be making them by the dozen

    For this step you will need the polycrylic, ornaments, glitter, funnel, paint holder and funnel. Since soooo many people have made videos of how to do this I am going to be lazy and just show you one of theirs.

    As you can see from my set up you can create your own assembly line and just keep the ornaments coming.

    Fun Tip: Don’t worry if the glitter gets a little mixed up. Having a touch of different glitter adds depth to the ornament.

    Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - making glitter ornaments

    For this tutorial all you need are 5 ornaments. One for Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck and Goofy. But don’t let that stop you from creating your own and adding on to the collection.

    Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - finished glitter ornaments

    Cutting Out the Elements

    create your own or use the free svg file

    As I mentioned above I used my Cricut Explore to cut out all of the elements. You can create all the elements from png and jpg files you can find on the web.

    Subscriber Freebie – For my newsletter subscribers I have added the svg file to the Magical Tutorials page. If you want to become a subscriber click here.

    For a typical round ornament the elements will need to fit in a 2.5 inch wide x 2 inch high box. But you can resize them as you see fit.

    Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - cutting out the elements

    patience is a virtue when weeding

    Once you have all the pieces cut out you will need to weed out the unnecessary vinyl. The good news is that vinyl is much easier to weed than paper. The bad news is that the signatures can get tricky.

    Be patient and have good lighting as you work the signature.

    Hint – Use both tweezers and a pick as you weed. That way you can use one to hold down the pieces as you remove the surrounding material.

    Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - weeding the vinyl elements

    layer once

    Layering on the ornament can be a royal pain in the neck. An easier way to make sure you get the image you want is to use contact paper and build your layers before you put them on the ornament.

    Just remember to layer the items starting with the bottom layer first. Then just burnish each addition layer on until everything is in place and ready to be placed on the ornament.

    Bonus – I created the layers to look hand drawn. This means you don’t have to line everything up perfect. Being a little off center actually adds to the image. You’re welcome!

    Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - layering vinyle

    Putting It All Together

    vinyl is more resilient than you think

    The next step is to place the layered vinyl image on the ornament. You will want to start from the center and work your way out.

    Tip – Cut slits in the contact paper to make it easier to lay the vinyl flat. And if you need to don’t be afraid to pull the vinyl to make it lay flat. You really can move it around a bit without affecting the image.

    Like before, I am lazy so here is a video with good tips for adhering vinyl on curved items.

    Once you have the image on the ornament burnish the image and remove the contact paper.

    Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - adhering the vinyl to the ornaments

    adding an extra touch

    In this example I added bows that matched each of the images. I used a bow template to create the bows and then a glue gun to quickly place them.

    You can do that or add any other embellishments you have laying around. Let your imagination run free.

    Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - adding bows

    The Finished Product

    This is a quick project. Should only take an hour or so. And at the end of that you will have ornaments that are the envy of any of your Disney friends.

    Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - finished ornaments

    Disney Fab 5 Holiday Ornaments - finished ornaments

    Disney Inspired Fab 5 DIY Holiday Ornaments
    Disney Inspired Fab 5 DIY Holiday Ornaments


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