Visiting Disney Springs is usually a lot of fun with all of the stores and restaurants. But kids can find this destination a bit boring. Especially if you have told them that they cannot buy anything.

If you are looking for a place to let the kids blow off a bit of steam while saving your wallet, give The Lego Store a try.

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Outside Lego Displays

The Lego Store is located right next door to the World of Disney Store but you will not have to look very hard for it with all of the Disney artwork created all out of Lego.

Some of those creations include:

  • Malificent battling Prince Phillip
  • Seven Dwarfs working at the diamond mine
  • Lochness monster in the lake
  • Woody and Buzz Lightyear marking the main entrance to the store

Inside the Store

Once inside the store you will immediately stop and your mouth will drop open. It’s HUGE!! The kid in you will instantly want to run everywhere and start to play with everything.  A big highlight is the wall of lego pieces where you can buy individual pieces in any color you want.

Here are a few highlights of FREE activities in the store:

  • Indoor play room. Immerse yourself in bins of Lego and Duplo. So no matter if you are 1 or 101 there will be blocks to play with! (Hint: Because there is an outdoor play area this one is the last to fill up. )
  • Computer centers. Computers are set up to let you access the Lego website, play games, or use step-by-step instructions for things to build with the legos in small bins in front of you.

Outdoor Play Area

In addition to the more bins of legos and duplo there is an area to build race cars and then compete with others to see who has the better car.  This play area is over 3000 square feet!

No matter if you are there to play or shop you will definitely need to schedule some extra time for the LEGO Imagination Center.   And you may just find it is rather difficult to your children to leave.   Be prepared to have to offer them something in exchange for leaving quietly.