Everyone Get Ready to do the Twist

Cars Land DJ’s Dance and Drive in Disney’s California Adventure

DJ Dance n Drive at Disney's California Adventure at Disneyland

Everyone knows that the drive in diner was always where all the action was on Saturday night.  There was music playing, kids dancing and lots of fun.

It’s no different here at Flo’s Cafe located in Radiator Springs (also knows as Cars Land in Disney’s California Adventure).

Flo's Cafe

Flo’s Cafe

As dusk approaches don’t be surprised if you begin to hear the rumbling of DJ, the Cars Land ace of base.  His music can be heard way before he’s on the scene.  People begin to realize that isn’t just background music they are hearing.

As this tricked out roadster cruises down Route 66 and comes into view everyone’s heads turn and they know they are in for something special.

DJ Dance n Drive at Disney's California Adventure at Disneyland

DJ Comes On the Scene

Let the Party Begin

Once DJ has arrived just in front of Flo’s Cafe out of nowhere  waitresses and mechanics appear out of thin air.  These 1950’s clad women quickly begin working the crowd while DJ plays classic oldies out of his massive speakers.

DJ Dance n Drive at Disney's California Adventure at Disneyland

The waitresses and mechanics lead the crowd in classic 1950’s dance moves like the twist, the mashed potato and even the monkey.
Even those trying to pretend they aren’t dancing along can be seen tapping their feet or mouthing along with the words.

DJ Dance n Drive at Disney's California Adventure at Disneyland

DJ Dance n Drive at Disney's California Adventure at Disneyland

The Kids Take Center Stage

After a tune or two the waitresses invite the kids to come up front.  They are then taught a couple of new steps and the music transitions from 1950’s bee bop tunes to Radio Disney favorites.

DJ Dance n Drive at Disney's California Adventure at Disneyland

With the transition to more modern music the younger crowd really get into the party.  And as dusk finally settles in all of the kids can be seen jumping up as far as they can and throwing their hands in the air. Everyone one of them with a huge smile on their face.

DJ Dance n Drive at Disney's California Adventure at Disneyland

Kids Dancing the Night Away

This little bit of magic is the beginning to a wonderful evening.

DJ Dance-DJ Dance n Drive at Disney's California Adventure at Disneyland

As DJ heads back down Route 66 his music fades and Radiator Springs returns to that sleepy little town.

But just for a few moments it was alive with excitement and guests of all ages were dancing and singing along with a tricked out neon laden car named DJ.

Radiator Springs
Radiator Springs

I hope you get a chance to experience this while at Disneyland.  It is an original for this park and is one of the reason I love Disney.


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  1. Melissa Pezza April 29, 2015 at 8:58 am - Reply

    This looks like a great place to have dinner at Disney. We haven’t taken the kids here yet, but we’re at Disney often enough, that it’s TOTALLY going to happen!

  2. Grace Hodgin April 29, 2015 at 9:12 am - Reply

    This would truly be an experience to remember and I love that they combine music and dance along with this. I know this would be the first place the kids would want to eat and would remember for a life time.

  3. Jen A April 29, 2015 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    That looks like so much fun. The music and dancing would be something my kids would love. The cars were our favorite ride!

  4. Jeanette April 29, 2015 at 1:45 pm - Reply

    I SOO want to take my son to this! You look like you had a blast! I love how they all dance to! My son would be dancing all over the place.

  5. Cindy @MomMaven April 30, 2015 at 8:59 am - Reply

    A trip to Disneyland and DCA is on my bucket list. I want to go soooo bad. I need to eat food from a cone 🙂

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    I can’t believe I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

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