Create your own DIY Disney inspired Folk Art With Memorial Day kicking off the start to summer and July 4th quickly approaching I find that a sense of patriotism comes over me.

I think it may be remembering those firework displays put on by the neighborhood men that always went awry, riding in the back of the pick up truck with sparklers in our hands, or having bottle rocket wars (can you imaging doing that today?)

Now I want to bring that feeling back just a bit and this year I did that by making Disney inspired Americana Folk Art for my wall.

This is a really simple project that uses scraps and something the kids can join in on.


  • Frame – I found this one at a garage sales.  It was scuffed up and perfect for folk art.  The dimensions of the interior of this frame were 16 inches wide by 11 inches tall.
  • Paper – Scraps will do here.
  • Embellishments – Again, left overs from other projects are great.  I had some tapes and colored straw that worked for me.
  • Cutting Utensil
  • Adhesive
  • Personal Cutter (optional) – I used the Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge for my artwork but you can easily cut things out by hand.

Step 1 – Create the Background

Using scrap paper cover the background of the frame.  In this case I had 2 similar pieces of paper that I put side by side.  But you could also do patchwork or stripes with smaller pieces of paper.

Create matters for your lettering.  Here I created 2 4×6 and 1 4.5×8 pieces.  I made the center one slightly larger so I could use more embellishments on it.

Create your own DIY Disney inspired Folk Art

Step 2 – Add Your Lettering

Create your word art using templates, a personal cutter, a printer, or even coloring books.  Use your imagination.  Here I also added a shadow to the letters to add dimension.

Create your own DIY Disney inspired Folk Art

Step 3 – Add Your Disney Embellishments

Again, you can use templates from the internet or a personal cutter. For my artwork I added in borders in the open spaces that included Mickey heads, hands, and pants. I did not use customary Disney color.  Instead I stuck to Folk Art and American colors.

Create your own DIY Disney inspired Folk Art

Step 4 – Add Any Final Embellishments

This is the fun part.  Using any scrap embellishments add some flair to the artwork.  Here I used some straw around each of the mattes and then added a bit of tape to any left over space.  The final touch was making a hidden mickey in the straw bow from some brads.

Now all there is left to do is hang it on the wall.

Create your own DIY Disney inspired Folk Art

This is a fun project because it is not supposed to be perfect.  Imperfection is what gives Folk Art it’s personality so just have fun.

Hope this inspired you to add a little Disney to your walls.