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This month we were asked to write about our Disney Pet Peeves.  I really don’t have any burning pet peeves with Disney but if I had to name one thing it would be refillable mugs.

Disney's Refillable Mugs - A Love-Hate Relationship
I do see their value and have used many of them in the past.  They are great souvenirsand for having drinks always available while you are at your resort. But here are a couple of reasons they sometimes get on my nerves.

  1. The seem to keep getting smaller.  Over the years they have reshaped the mugs and now they hold less volume which means more trips to the station.
  2. People use the stations to fill up any container they have.  Like many of you, I have seen the old mugs (i.e. Dixie Landings) being filled up at the stations.  But I think what really bothers me is when people fill up their water bottles with sodas.  (hopefully Disney’s new RFID project will solve this one)
  3. Boardwalk Bakery can’t fill the mugs.  This one drives me up the wall.  The refill station at Boardwalk is in the bakery but you can’t fill your own mug.  You have to show them the mug and then they will hand you a paper cup of your beverage.  I got smart the last time we stayed there and just took down my receipt for the mugs.  Why lug them around if you can’t even use them?

End rant!  Side note – I hope their RFID project leads to having an upgrade available that will let you fill up anywhere on property during your stay.  That is something I would pay for!

On the lighter side, I would really enjoy it if the Kilamanjaro Safari lion stood up every now and then.  Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom - Kilimanjaro Safari Lion Sleeping

Maybe they should bring over the guys from the Jungle Cruise?

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom - Jungle Cruise Animatronic Lions
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