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Sending your ride photos by text to your PhoneI got a call yesterday from my husband Joe.  He is at Disneyland for Marathon Weekend but he noticed something new from Disney Photopass as he was touring the parks.

When he got off California Screamin’ and went to look for his ride photo he saw this sign.

Disneyland Text Photos Option at Disneyland California ScreamingLooks like Disneyland is experimenting with sending your ride photos directly to your phone using text messaging.

This is the only sign he saw for this but over at Splash Mountain there was a Cast Member giving the same information.  So it seems they are testing it our randomly throughout both parks and the test can start or stop at anytime.

I think this is response to all those people that stop to take photos of their ride photos with their cell phones.  I know I have done this and the photo never turns out right as shown below.

Expedition Everest Ride Photo

This way Disney gets a bit of money from each photo and the guests will have a photo they can share that is a bit clearer and is the real thing rather than a photo of a photo.

UPDATE: Thanks to sergemeister and EagleEyeInTheSky for the update on how this works.

  1. Preview is Texted to Your Phone.  There is no upfront charge or charge to your cell phone (which I originally thought).   The photo is sent via text with a watermark on it.
  2. Purchase via Credit Card.  The link to the preview includes an option to buy the photo using a credit card.  The photo is then e-mailed to you.
  3. Full Size Photo.  Before I thought the $0.99 photo would be of low quality but it notes that you will receive a full photo.  A full size photo here is 1208 x 1608 and 256kb in size.  This quality is good enough to print up to a 5×7 with no blurring.
Disneyland Ride Photo Text

California Screamin’ Text Screen Shot (photo courtesy of sergemeister)

So with these new details the positives of this option are increasing.

  • You get them right away.  You can then share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Very cost effective.  At $0.99 a photo I would easily find myself buying a couple of these.

In the end I think it is great that people can share their ride photo immediately and get a great deal on ride photos.  I hope they trial this at Walt Disney World too.


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