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This article ws written by Amy of  Disney Living.  It was originally posted on December 3rd  and is a great resource for making deciding if you want to purchase Photopass Plus before visting  Walt Disney World or Disneyland

Time for a follow-up on my PhotoPass + experience. If you’ll recall, I ordered the relatively new PhotoPass + kit before our trip in October and did a review of it including the packaging, cost, and what is included. So how did it go? Great!

A redemption voucher was included as part of the original kit I received. On our first day in the parks, which happened to be at Epcot, I immediately redeemed the voucher for a PhotoPass + card. It was a nice pretty red color and was attached to a lanyard. The Cast Member punched it for 14 days out showing the effective dates for use. I didn’t trust myself not to lose it so I left it in my bag during our visit.

Disney Photopass Plus Photo courtesy of Disney Living Online - Photopass Plus Card and Lanyard

I was able to use it just like I would use a regular PhotoPass. I handed it off several times to a PhotoPass photographer and got some great pictures. I even asked one photographer who was facing the castle on Main Street if he could turn around and take this picture of our girls who were utterly exhausted on our last day in the parks. I love it!

Disney Photopass Plus Photo courtesy of Disney Living Online - Magic Kingdom Main Street waiting for the Parade

We were also able to use the PhotoPass + to get action shots from some of the rides such as Dinosaur, Splash Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. When you exit a ride that snaps pictures, a number is assigned to each picture. I asked everyone in our group to write down those numbers. To claim the ride photos, I had to physically take the PhotoPass + card to the photo kiosk located at each specific ride. Then I simply gave the picture numbers to the Cast Member at the kiosks, and they added them to the card. Some of these were added several hours after the actual ride, and they were still in the photo system. For one of the rides, someone actually texted the photo numbers to me which worked out well since we were separated, and we didn’t all have to go back to the kiosk together. We ended up with 23 ride photos included with our other pictures which would have probably ended up costing us $350-400 or more if we purchased them all separately…and I would have NEVER done that!

This was the girls’ 6th time on Space Mountain. Can you tell? I think they like it.

Disney Photopass Plus Photo courtesy of Disney Living Online - Magic Kingdom Space Mountain Ride Photo

These looks crack me up! (Nice bunny ears there.)

Disney Photopass Plus Photo courtesy of Disney Living Online - Animal Kingdom Dinosaur Ride Photo

Finally, we were able to have our meal photos included on the PhotoPass + card. For both our Tusker House and Spirit of Aloha meals, the card was scanned when we had our pictures made. In addition to getting these on the card, we received the actual printed pictures.

Disney Photopass Plus Photo courtesy of Disney Living Online - Animal Kingdom Donad's Safari Character Meal at Tusker House

Disney Photopass Plus Photo courtesy of Disney Living Online - Spirit of Aloha at the Polynesian Resort

Back at home, I accessed the PhotoPass website and accessed my previously-created account. I uploaded the card number along with about five other regular PhotoPass card numbers into the same account. When I started looking through the photos, I noticed that the Tusker House pictures were there, but the Spirit of Aloha pictures were not. The photos we’d received during the meal had a number on them. I simply added that number to the account, and the photos appeared!

I made a few edits to some of the pictures and then added a CD to my cart. There was a promo code included in the kit that I had originally received. I popped it in the promo code box and balanced out to $0.00 which was nice! About a week later, I got this bad boy in the mail…

Disney Photopass Plus Photo courtesy of Disney Living Online - Photo CD

I’m currently in the process of making copies for each of the girls that went on our Girl Scout trip. The entire process was pretty painless except for the initial payment, but I’m stingy like that. Do I think it was worth it? Absolutely! We ended up with over 400 Disney stock photos and a little over 200 of our own photos. And the fact that the ride and meal photos were included was awesome! I think was made this perfect for us was that we had a large group and ended up with lots of pictures from the rides and meals in addition to our regular PhotoPass pictures. Definitely worth it!