Virtual Tour of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari 

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari

Inside Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is one of the most spectacular attractions.  It is never the same twice and it is wonderful for the entire family.  The name of this attraction is Kilimanjaro Safari.


Kilimanjaro Safari is a safari expedition set in the fictional African village of Harambe located at the back of the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  You will begin your ‘2 week’ expedition at the  Harambe Wildlife Reserve.

NOTE: The ride is open to all ages and does have a couple of health warnings due to the bumpiness of the ride.  Just like riding the school bus it get’s bumpier towards the back.  So site towards the front if you want a smoother ride and towards the back of you want a bit more adventure.

The Queue

As you enter the Harambe Wildlife Reserve you are immediately transported to Africa.  The walls are lined with signs of conservation.

If you look above you there are signs with images of the animals you may see along the safari and their name in Swahili.

  • Your tour begins in the  in the fictional African village of Harambe as you board an open sided safari vehicle.
  • Live animals mean anything can happen and no two safaris are the same.  You may get to see a lion roar, or a giraffe run through the savannah, or maybe even be held up my a rhino road block.  There are no rules.
  • Animals seem to be more active in the morning so try to get to the safari right after opening.  
  • Also, rain is a good thing for this ride as animals enjoy being out in the rain.
  • Photographers, put your camera on a sports setting and just keep shooting.  The bumpiness of the vehicles make photography a challenge but you can get some spectacular shots!

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