Disney Transportation Cards – Water Vehicles Set

A Look at the Vessels in the Disney Transportaion Trading Card Set

My boys somehow luck into everything.  On a recent trip we were taking a boat from the Wilderness Lodge to the Contemporary.  We were the last to get off and I was having trouble with the stroller.

Boat Dock at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Boat Dock at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (photo credit: YourFirstVisit.net)

As they waited for me to disembark my sons were each given EVERY Disney Transportation Card for a water vehicle.  I think I was just as giddy as they were.

For those that have never heard of these they are cards you can collect throughout Walt Disney World as you travel on different modes of transportation.    They are FREE but very limited as only a handful are given out to Cast Members.  To get a card just ask your driver, pilot or captain.  If they have any they will be happy to share.

For the water vehicles, let me share with you the ones we received…

Ferryboat (4 of 26)

The Ferryboats are named the Admiral Joe Fowler, the Richard F. Irvine and the General Joe Potter.

There are three Ferryboats and each has two 85-pound Danforth anchors, one at each end.

The length at the waterline of the Ferryboat is 120 feet.

Disney Transporation Card - Ferryboat Disney Transporation Card - Ferryboat

Motor Cruiser (5 of 26)

The Motor Cruisers transport guests to and from the Magic Kingdom Park to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground as well as Disney’s Wilderness Lodge daily.

The three Motor Cruises have two 4 cylinder Cummins (turbo diesel) engines.

The length at the waterline of the Motor Cruise is 62 feet, 2 inches.

Disney Transporation Card - Motor Cruiser Disney Transporation Card - Motor Cruiser

Magic Kingdom Boat (11 of 26)

The two boats are names Magic Kingdom I and Magic Kingdom II.

African River style boats with 360 degree “Z” drives.

Length 51 feet, 7 inches and weight of 23 tons.

One 35 pound Danforth style anchor.

Disney Transporation Card - Magic Kingdom Boat Disney Transporation Card - Magic Kingdom Boat

Grand One Yacht (12 of 26)

The Grand One is a Sea Ray 52 Sedan Bridge vessel.

The yacht is 52 feet, 3 inches and carries three deck levels.

The Grand One is powered by twin 640 hp diesel motors.

Available for private charters booked by calling 407-WDW-PLAY.

Disney Transporation Card - Grand One Yacht Disney Transporation Card - Grand One Yacht

Electrical Water Pageant (13 of 26)

Has been operating nightly since October 26, 1971.

Total of 14 barges separated into two 7 barge strings for a total length of 912 feet.

Each barge weights 1 ton.

There are pilots driving at the front and back of each string.

Disney Transporation Card - Electrical Parade Pageant Disney Transporation Card - Electrical Water Pageant

Friendship Boat

The Friendship fleet has a total of 8 boats.

The Friendship boats operate in 5 different bodies of water: World Showcase Lagoon, Cape Harbor, Half-Moon Lagoon, Friendship Channel and Lake Hollywood.

Each Friendship boat navigates using a 360-degree propeller system which eliminates the need for a conventional rudder.

Disney Transporation Card - Friendship Boat Disney Transporation Card - Friendship Boat

Now that we knocked off a large section of the set we are off to start hunting the rest of the cards.

How far have you gotten in your set?