Many of us take pictures and bring home mounds of memorabilia from our Walt Disney World and Disneyland trips.  We did this with the intent of preserving those memories; we wanted to capture our children as little ones full of wonder, our parents who may have moved on, a special celebration, a Honeymoon, a School trip etc.  But in the end those photos never left the computer and the memorabilia continues to sit in a box.

Today it is easier than ever to take pictures.  With the inexpensive cameras, camcorders, and camera phones there are close to 30 billion pictures taken annually.  Out of those only about a third ever gets printed.  Technology and our busy lifestyles have won.  It’s not that the pictures are any less important, it’s that we are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  But don’t lose hope.

Scrapbooking Supplies : Disney Album Cover set by Creative Memories (retired)

Disney Cover Set by Creative Memories (retired)

Just remember, it’s an album.  It is not something that you have to face and overcome.  It’s just an album waiting for memories.  For every page you add to the album you preserved a bit of your past for others to enjoy.  It also means one less page for you to do!

Start small!!! There are no rules where to start.  You can start with your last trip or one from 10 years ago. Remember the goal is to get a page of memories in an album.

So take some photos and some memorabilia and place them on a blank page.  This is where people begin to stress out.  Don’t!  Look at those pictures, what story do they tell?  Is there a primary color or mood?

These answers will lead you to choosing papers and embellishments that accentuate the story.  Don’t go overboard; the pictures are the focus of the page – not all the fancy embellishments.  There are some great Disney Themed Kits to make this easy or you can be creative and start from scratch.  If you are still at a loss – pictures always look wonderful on a basic piece of black cardstock.

Example 1:

Here is an example of a simple page of a rainy day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   All I used was a thin strips of scrapbook paper on a white page.   Added photos of meeting Mickey Mouse in Camp Minnie Mickey and eveyone headed into Dinosaur.  A journal box captures my memory and I am done.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Animal Kingdom Dinosaur and Camp Minnie Mickey

Example 2:

 Working on a plain black sheet of paper I mounted photos of Epcot’s Lights of Winter (now retired due to cost to replace bulbs – or so they say), a glass blower in the Germany Pavilion making Christmas ornaments, and other Epcot Christmas decoration.  A quick journal box from a scrap piece of scrapbook paper and I am done.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Epcot at Christmas - Germany Glass Blower

Now your page is coming together. We have photos on a page that are beautifully accented.  What could be missing?  The answer – journaling!  Add some text to your page.  You can tell a story about what went on when those photos were taken or just discuss that day’s events.  If you are at a loss; label the photos with who, what, and where.  Those are the thing others will be looking for when they appreciate you album.

Example 3:

Using only plain white backgorund with one strip of scrapbook paper along one side  it includes my miscellaneous photos from this trip:  British Invasion Band in the United Kingdom Pavilion (now retired and replaced with British Revolution – longer hair), Stirch goofing around in Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland, playing checher in Frontierland, and our Dream Fastpass from the Year of a Million Dreams.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - British Invasion, Stitch in Tomorrowland, Checkers in Frontierland, Dream Fastpass (retired)

That’s all there is to it. Pictures on a page with some notes.  Simple, isn’t it?  Hopefully I have given you some general guidance about taking that first step.  Come by often and get some additional tips to Capture those Magical Memories!

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