Disney Scrapbooking - Completed Disney Cover Page and Everyday DisplayI am starting to get that giddy feeling again. We are getting close to another trip to our favorites place. Yep, Walt Disney World.

So in preparation, I am updating my Everyday Display. What is an Everyday Display you ask, it is this great display for your pages, memorabilia, etc. I have mine in the kitchen and it always has the latest pictures and notes on it. Everything is held on by magnets and clips – so it is always every changing.

Creative Memories Everyday DisplayWell today my Everyday Display is getting the Disney touch.  For Mothers Day I got the Cricut Gypsy to go with my Cricut.  (A Cricut is a overly expensive tool that lets you cut paper into shapes.  Fun toy!)

My goal today is to learn how to use the Gypsy and create a awesome display.  I will also be using two Disney cartridges.  Wish me luck!!

Disney Cricut Cartridge - Mickey FontDisney Cricut Cartridge - Mickey and Friends

Disney Mickey and Friends and Mickey Font Cricut Cartridges

My idea is to create a display that will eventually become the title page for our 2011 Disney Album.

So first thing to do is to create the title – Walt Disney World 2011.  Here is where the Cricut Gypsy is cool.  If you have just a Cricut you have to cut each letter individually, but with the Gypsy you can merge letters.  At least that is what I have been told – so let’s see it I can do this.

Ok, first lesson learned… make sure you understand the dimensions you want.  My first attempt made the title way to small.  Second try was much better and the merge function for font is AWESOME!

Making a Mickey's Birthday Party Welcome Sign - Cutting Out the Elements Using the Cricut Machine and Mickey and Friends Cartridge
After I had the title like I wanted I started having some fun playing with the functionality of the Gypsy.  The grid on the Gypsy makes it really easy to see where everything will cut.  You can even see layers before you cut them.
After I made the complete title ‘Walt Disney World 2011′, I began to really grasp what the Gypsy and the Cricut could do.

I actually created the photo border from scratch!  It was not one of the predetermined shapes.

I used a frame and added Mickey heads to it.  The cool part is that it left me with multiple mickey heads to use elsewhere on the page. My favorite is the dot of the ‘i’ in Disney.Disney Scrapbooking : Completing the Everyday Display and Album Title Page

I would have to say my afternoon project was a huge success.  When we come back from Disney World we will hang our family portrait here and later this will be the first page in this year’s Disney album.  I also learned what the Cricut can do and how much I still have to learn.  Especially measuring first!!

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