If you are anything like me you continually pick up memorabilia; stuff like menus, buttons, tickets, etc.  I bring home everything – even the paper coasters in the room with the Disney logo on them!  So when you get home and unpack do you ever think ‘Now what do I do with all this stuff?

Let me step back for a moment.  Memorabilia is very dear to me, it is the reason I make albums.  When I was around 12 I found my Grandmother’s scrapbook in her attic.  I sat there in the quiet solitude of the attic and flipped through that scrapbook over and over again.  I was mesmerized by all my Grandmother has done.  There were photos of the school house she taught at in the 1920′s, photos of mock weddings (seems that’s what they did for fun before TV), concert tickets, playbills, newspaper clippings, awards, etc.  In my mind she was amazing and had done so much with her life.  It was that moment I said I want to be like my Grandmother and I am going to capture my life in albums too.

So back to all that Disney stuff.  That stuff is filled with memories of your trip.  The feeling you had at the time, the food you ate, the people you were with etc.  Don’t leave it out of your albums.  It is part of the story.

Below is an example of how I use memorabilia.  We had a improptu trip to Walt Disney World in 2008 courtesy of Hurricane Ike.  We live in Houston and Ike left us without power for 2 weeks. We used our Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points to rent a room at Disney Saratoga Spring Resotr and Spa.

This impromtu trip was to get away, relax, and most importantly – DO LAUNDRY.  So this was not a vacation and we did not think to bring a camera.  While we there a Cast Member overheard our story and gave us the most magical Disney day at Disney Hollywood Studios.  We were basically VIP for a day.  Unfortunately we only had one photo.  But we had tons of memorabilia.  So I put it all together to tell our story and to remember that magical memorable day.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Hollywood Studios and Rock and Roller Coaster

Also, memorabilia does not always have to be at the forefront of a page. I keep unused fastpasses and registration folders to use as filler and background paper.  You can also put buttons in your albums.  Just pin the button on a scrap piece of paper and then tape it to the page.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Hollywood Studios and Rock and Roller Coaster
Yes, we do have Alberto Dante’s card – do you?

Another thing I want to mention is just because you have a 12×12 album does not mean you are limited to 12×12 pages.  One of my favorite things to do is add 8.5 x 11 pages to my albums for brochures and pamphlets.   These pages can also be used for larger photos or cards.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Boardwalk Bugle from the Boardwalk Villas

So think outside the box and include the memorabilia.  Remember you can use it as background or as focal points.  Years from now maybe your grandchildren will look at your albums and be just as mesmerized as I was.

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