Not that kind of Hybrid, no Prius or Leaf here.  We’re talking about the Hybrid style of making albums.  This is where you combine both Digital and Traditional Scrapbooking methods.  When you combine these two elements you really can do anything with your albums.

I guess the first think to talk about is the albums.  You cannot print a photo book using Hybrid Scrapbooking.  You will have to use a traditional album, but that is your only rule.

Scrapbooking Supplies : Disney Album Cover set by Creative Memories (retired)

Disney Cover Set by Creative Memories (retired)


Step 1 – Identify what elements will be digital and what will be traditional

For this page I had some ultrasounds and his ‘first picture’ card that came with them from the hospital that I wanted to add to the album as traditional elements rather than digital scans.

Step 2 – Leave space for your traditional elements on your digital page

Measure your traditional elements with an old fashioned ruler.  This will give you the amount of space to leave open on the page to insert the memorabilia later.

In this case the card was 6 in x 6.5 in and the ultrasound photos were 3.875 in x 3 in.

Hybrid Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Little Man's Baby Album Sonogram Pictures

Leave Empty Space to Add Memorabilia After Printing

Step 3 – Create your digital page

Create your digital page using placeholder boxes for the traditional elements in the sizes you measured in step 2.

The fun part is you can even add mounting paper and embellishments to the memorabilia even though it is not there.  I added dark blue mounting paper for the card with a couple of paper stars for effect.

HINT: Add shadows to some of you papers to add depth to your page.  This will actually trick people to thinking they are traditional pages.  It’s funny to watch them touch the page trying to figure it out.

Step 4 – Print your digital page and add your traditional elements

Delete the placeholder boxes and print your page.  Then adhere your memorabilia with a acid-free photo free adhesive.  This is an important point as using the wrong tape could damage your photos and memorabilia.

Hybrid Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Little Man's Baby Album Sonogram Pictures

Actual Page with Memorabilia Added

HINT:  Scan your memorabilia too.  This way you have a digital copy of your page.  This is great for two reason.  If something ever happens to your album you have a back up and if you want to print duplicate albums for people.  In this case I printed the album in 8×8 for each grandmother.  They loved it!! (see digital copy below)

Hybrid Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Little Man's Baby Album Sonogram Pictures

Make a Digital Copy of Your Page with Scanned Images of Memorabilia

Some final thoughts.  Don’t let what I have shown you restrict you to just this idea.  Run with it and try other ideas.  I have seen hybrid pages that used paper and 3D embellishments.  They were gorgeous.

Also, going this route let you add in a traditional page at any time.  For those of us that still want to use paper and scissors, this is a nice way to get the best out of both worlds.

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