Last Monday we got back from a fabulous 10 day trip to Walt Disney World. We have unpacked, washed clothing, and have gotten back into our old routine. Now it is time to unloaded the camera. Oh my goodness!!!! There are close to 1000 pictures.

What was I thinking? How am I going to get these into an album? Should I just save them and worry about them later? “Calgon, take me away…”

Here we go again.. when your pictures quickly overwhelm you it is time to get organized.

  • First, get yourself a photo management program.
    • I recommend something that lets you organize photos in multiple folders, tag photos (add/change metadata), has a smart search function (let’s you search on tags), and can also do basic photo enhancements. The idea is to do everything in one place.
    • I use Aperture for Mac. This is a pricey program but I cannot live with out it. Mac users can also use iPhoto that comes with the computer. The organization functions cannot be beat but it only has limited photo enhancement capability. If you are using a PC, I have to recommend Creative Memories Memory Manager. It is like the Swiss Army Knife of photo management.
  • Once you have uploaded them all it is time to work the DELETE key.
    • As photgrapher Nick Kelsh mentions: in this digital era we have the ability to keep taking photos until we get the perfect shot but that does not mean we should keep all the shots it took us to get there. So I deleted and now I am at just over 700 photos. That’s 300 photos I don’t have to think about again.
  • It is time to begin organizing.
    •  I have them in Aperture. They are in the WDW folder for 2011.
    • My basics tags are: Location, People, Keywords (i.e Holiday, Sport, etc.), and Journaling. You know me by now and my infatuation with journaling. I always add a sentence or two of what went on during the photo. It helps jog my memory when I am making a page.
Aperture Screen Shot - Tagging Photos of Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom

Tag Photos with Names and Keywords

Aperture Screen Shot - Tagging Photos

I plan on doing Hybrid Scrapbooking for this album but I also want a digital backup just in case. So I also scanned all the memorabilia from the trip and documented their dimensions. This lets me add it to the page virtually. I can then remove it for printing and add the original to the page.

Hint: This memorabilia can also be used as background and embellishments. Play with size, opacity, and color.

Aperture Screen Shot - Scanned Memorabilia of 2011 Star Wars Weekend

In the end I had 803 pictures and scanned images. Now this is higher than normal for me. On this trip I took tons of park pictures to use in later posts. But now I am not so stressed. Once your photos are organized you can work on them at leisure. If you have tagged and journaled there is not a sense of urgency anymore. You can work on them as time allows.

So organize your photos so you can stay in control!

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