Hybrid Scrapbooking is the combination of both traditional (paper) and digital scrapbooking.  Why would someone use Hybrid Scrapbooking?  Some people still like creating with paper. Other like to add memorabilia to their albums. And other just like the look of mixed media.  It really is just a personal preference.

I just completed creating my June 2011 Family Disney album and would like to share it with you.  I first begin with a Disney themed traditional album with side-loading page sleeves.

Use traditional albums for hybrid scrapbooking

This allows you to include both digital and traditional type of pages.  I highly recommend side-loading sleeves because they allow you to move pages around freely.  (If you are doing just a digital album you can have a bound book created that would be worthy of anyone’s coffee table.  They truly are stunning.)


Disney Hybrid Scrapbooking - Disney Albums and Slide in Page Sleeves

Album and Slide in Albums Page Sleeves

Traditional pages

In this example there is only one completely traditional page.  It is the page I made this page for my ‘Everyday Display’ in a previous post.  It is now going to be the title page for this album.

Disney Hybrid Scrapbooking - Disney Title Page made with a Cricut Machine and a Screenshot of a Digital Page

Traditional Title Page and Digital Pages

Digital pages

The remainder of the pages were done digitally in a Creative Memories scrapbooking program. They uses predesigned pages or templates so I could drag and drop photos into.  I then changed paper and embellishments as desired.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge Kildani Pool

Hybrid pages

For pages that were to include memorabilia, I left space on some of the pages so they could be added after printing.

Disney Hybrid Scrapbooking - Screenshot of a Digital Page with Space left Open for Memorabilia and Digital Pages Delivered

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Star Wars Weekend and Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior - Live on Stage) at Hollywood Studios

Same Page with Scanned in Memorabilia

Putting it all together

Since I do not own a 12×12 printer, I ordered my prints through Creative Memories.  I absolutely love how they turned out and the packaging is so cool.  Makes me feel like a professional!  I have since begun ordering my prints through Persnickety Prints – far and away best quality and value.

Memorabilia was added to the pages with acid free tape. Acid free is the most important thing in album making.  You definitely don’t want the tape eating through your photos and memorabilia.

Then I put the pages into the side loading sleeves.

Disney Hybrid Scrapbooking - Adding the Memorabilia to Printed Digital Pages and Adding them to the Page Sleeves

Adding the Memorabilia and Sliding them Into the Sleeves

For excess memorabilia use 8.5 x 11 side loading pages.  The albums don’t have to be restricted to just one size of pages.  Add a memorabilia page at the end of the album or where it makes the most sense.  Then you put the album together.  That’s it.  I have my trip album completed!

Disney Hybrid Scrapbooking - Adding more Memorabilia to an Album after the Fact

Adding More Memorabilia

The great thing about doing albums this way is I can add future trips to the same album.  I can usually fit 3-4 trips into a single album.  Once the album is full I also like to have the spines embossed so I can quickly find them later.

Disney Hybrid Scrapbooking - Customer Album Spine with Disney Trip Information

Customer Album Spines

I hope I have given you a couple of ideas for your family album.  Thank you for seeing mine.

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