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Today’s Blog Post is by Sam DeFazio.  Sam is the 15 year old son of Mary and Joe from Capturing Magical Memories.  He just started his Sophomore year in High School and has traveled to Walt Disney World thirteen times in his life.

Disney Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest – The Forbidden Mountain

My favorite ride in Disney World is fast, tall, and thrilling. This ride, my friends, is Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom.  The main idea of the ride is that you are an explorer going to the Himalayan Mountains to explore Everest and find the legendary beast of Mountain Everest, the Yeti.  He is known to be living on Everest and it is your job to find him.

While you walk through, you see a big water fountain you can throw coins into to make a wish.  At the top of the fountain,  theres a statue of The Yeti.  His face is covered in red paint to make it look like there is blood on it, but this is only to scare you out of the ride.

Disney Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest - Yeti Idol in the Queue

The line starts outside the ride in the Asia section of the park.

You then you walk into this office where explorers, like yourself, work. Next is the Explorer Exhibit where you see drawing, footprints, books, and the poop of The Yeti.

Disney Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest - Train Station

Now you enter your vehicle which is a train since your exploring the mountains.  When you board put your loose items like your phones, ipods, hats and wallets in the safty net in front of you.   Just remember to grab them when the rides done. When your done with that lower the saftey bar on to your lap – you dont want to fall off the ride!  After you have done this,  the train moves and the expedition has begun.

Before anything starts to happen,  you just see grass and little rocks and you think “this is such a peaceful ride.”  Then you start to go up the mountain and, as you do so, the ride make loud noises (like “greeee” or “clunk”) as it pulls you straight up.  At one point you are so high up that you can see Hollywood Studios on one side and EPCOT on the other side.

You are now at the top and it looks all snowie. The ride speeds up and you go until you see the tracks are completely demolished by some powerful force ( The Yeti). Then you go backwards!

Back into the mountain which feels exhilarating, falling down then being pulling upward. The ride pulls to a stop so you can see a shadow of The Yeti demolishing more train tracks. Then he spots you and lets out a loud growel and jumps away.

Your train goes down the mountain fast to get away from The Yeti. The ride gets so fast that you feel the most powerful wind push against you face. Then you go into the mountain again. It is pitch black and just when you think the coast is clear, The Yeti pops out to take you away.

Luckily you get away just in time and this is when the ride ends. When they tell you to get out of the vehicle, you go into the gift shop where you can get the picture Disney took right when you dropped the first time in the ride. They also sell Yeti stuffed animals, pictures, postcards, t-shirts, and Everest books, etc.  With that, you exit the building.

Disney Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest - Queue Line Photographs

The ride made me feel like I was falling down the Empire State buliding then being brought upwars by a powerful force and I loved it so much.  I have so much adrenaline before I ride every time which I let out as a yell when the ride gets fast.

I love to ride in back because you feel everything more fierce than anywhere else in the train. In my opinion, Expedition Everest ride beats all the other Disney Mountains combined.. I cant wait to ride it again and again.

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