I started looking through my Disney photos and the thing that stood out was the history. The park is built upon generations past and there a nods to those before us everywhere. Next time you are in the park stop and take a look around you. You’ll always find some history

Disney World Bay Lake Ferry - Richard F Irvine

The ferries from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom all have history. Here is what the plaque under the portrait of Richard Irvine:

Richard F. Irvine first joined Disney as an art director in 1943. A decade later he became one of the original members of WED Enterprises (now Walt Disney Imagineering), the organization of designers, artists, architects, and engineers responsible for the planning and development of Disneyland. As head of WED Enterprises, he directed the design of Walt Disney World until his retirement in 1973. This boat is named in his honor.

Disney World Magic Kingdom - Windows on Main Street

The Original Dick Nunis Gym

Magic Kingdom’s Main Street is filled with history. From the antique mailboxes to the famous windows. Here are a couple of windows

These three were known as the “athletic executives,” most likely due to their background playing college and professional football.

    • Dick Nunis began his career in 1955 in the training department. He eventually became president of Disneyland and Walt Disney World and had hand in opening all four of the Disney parks around the world.
    • Ron Miller is the son-in-law of Walt Disney.  He had many co-producer successes with Disney (Old Yeller and Tron being two of them).  He later ran Walt Disney Productions and set up the Disney Channel.
    • Orlando Ferrante was Vice President of MAPO for WED/WDI, and oversaw ride and show production & installation for WDW, Tokyo Disneyland and Euro Disneyland.
Disney Epcot World Showcase - Silhouettes in the Lobby of the American Adventure Pavilion

Silhouettes of Former Cast Members

Finer details can be found talking to Cast Members. These silhouettes in the American Adventure are from the Cast Members that were working there the day it opened. After their shift they all went to the Magic Kingdom and had them created on Main Street.

Also look at the painting in this pavilion. They are created by Cast Members and they are more than happy to share their stories.

This is just a taste of the history. So take a look around and don’t hesitate to ask a Cast Member if it means something.

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