On our trip last month, Little Man continued his quest to get every sticker there is to be had in Walt Disney World.  A previous article, Walt Disney World, Stickers, Cast Members, & Joy, highlighted the start of his quest.  He got many of these same stickers again but added a couple of new ones to his collection.

Disney World Cast Member Sitckers : The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, Disney Vacation Club Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck

Free stickers given to children by cast members (yes, I said free)

  • Cast Members have rolls of these stickers to give out throughout the day and are happy to give them to children that stop long enough to say hello
  • There are many designs but the ones you will see the most are the Mickey head and the Mickey waving
  • Cast Members at the Monorail platforms may have the Monorail Wings for small ones to get
  • I have also seen stickers with Goofy and Pluto so it can be a lot of fun looking for different stickers
  • In addition, many attractions give out stickers like the one from The Great Piggy Bank Adventure
  • Also, Disney Vacation Club kiosks have some great stickers that are DVC themed.  Right now that means Hawaii in honor of their latest resort – Aulani.

The good news is he is no longer eating the stickers but is new thing is to peel them off and put them on other people.  Many cast members and random guests ended up with stickers on their shirt courtesy of Little Man.

When I came home the fun did not end.  I was cleaning and found these stickers tucked away.
Disneyland Autotopia Chevron Stickers
These are from the Chevron Cars Autotopia collection.  In 2000, Chevron became the sponsor for Disneyland’s Autotopia.  That relationship is coming to an end but we have the cars and stickers to remember it by.
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