Free memorabilia is one of my favorite things to acquire on any vacation. But at Disney World the freebies are right in front of you at any turn if you keep your eye open.

I am talking about the Disney stickers that you receive from Cast Members.

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Mickey Stickers

These are the entry level stickers that many cast members pass out at any time. But you best time to find them is park opening. It seems you can always find a Cast Member with an entire roll of them. You may actually end up with a handful to share with others throughout the day.

You will also find that they have other character stickers. I have seen Goofy, Donald and Lady and the Tramp. Keep your eyes peeled.

DVC Stickers

Make a point to stop at any DVC booth. You are sure to get a couple of sticker there promoting the latest DVC property. Since these are changing every couple of years you can make a collection of them.

Event Sticker

These are your miscellaneous stickers. You can find this at an attraction, on a monorail, or even at the ticket counter. Yes, the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas stickers were just sitting at the ticket counter for anyone to take.

So have fun on the hunt and let me know if you have found any really exciting stickers.