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Welcome to those of you joining me from The Many Adventures of a Dinsey-Lovin’ Spectrum Mom and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 2nd stop on out Magical Blogorail.  So sit back and enjoy.

As kids we all dreaded when our parents took us on the ‘Living with the Land’ ride over at the Epcot’s The Land pavilion.  It was probably my least favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World.  Then I became an adult and suddenly I thought this ride was pretty cool.

At the end of the ride they always recommend the ‘Behind the Seeds’ tour.  This tour is economical at $15 is only about 45 minutes long.

In 2008, my then fiancé and I said ‘what they heck – let’s try it out’.  We also took with us my husbands then 12 year old son who at this point thought we were the worst people ever and looked longingly at the Soarin’ queue as we checked in for the tour.

First stop  ‘bug room’:

  • Here is where they introduce us to to good and bad bugs. (I think my interpretation of what a bad bug is definitely different than theirs!) They also look for 3 volunteers to release lady bugs (good bugs) into the garden.
  • They typically look for children to do this so they can be involved in the tour.  My fiance’s son, Sam,  was chosen (he grimaced) and was handed a frozen lady bug.  His job now was to warm up the lady bug so he would release a lady bug who was awake into the garden.

The tour continues on for a bit and then it is time to release the bugs.  Sam would not even open up the container.  And the idea of him holding the ‘bug’ in his hand was something that was not going to happen in the lifetime.

So after much negotiation – Sam got to hold Dad’s hand as Dad handled the ‘bug’.  Now my husband is not a bug person either so this was an uncomfortable situation all around.  But I enjoyed it immensely and laughed as I took photos.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Epcot Behinds the Seeds Tour
New planting techniques:

  • We learned a lot about hydroponics.  You even get a take away sheet showing how to make your own set up at home.  I had all intentions in the world to make one, but the directions still sit in my to do file.
  • We also get to see the pumpkin and zucchini vines.  And there were even a couple of pumpkins becoming Mickey Pumpkins ‘Earning their Ears’.
  • The highlight was getting to see the huge tomato tree.  We not only got to see the tree and learn how they do it but we also got to taste some of the tomatoes!  Yummm.  I have heard other tours get to taste other produce.  I think they change it to reflect what they are picking that day.
Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Epcot Behinds the Seeds Tour

Final stop Aquaculture:

  • Here you are introduced to how they are farming fish, eels, prawns, and even ALLIGATORS.  They are is a bit creepy.  Their eyes seem to follow you as you walk by.
  • The highlight of this area is that they let the children feed some of the fish.  Let’s just say the fish definitely know this process and when they see children they get very excited.  When the food goes in the tank fish are jumping out of the water splashing anyone near the edge of the tank.  Some children giggled and kept throwing food in.  Sam was not one of them! He jumped as the fish went CRAZY and would have left the entire area if he could!!  I missed this photo opportunity and this is just a reminder to always have that camera out and ready.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout by Mary - Epcot Behinds the Seeds Tour

After that we retraced our steps and the tour ended.  I would definitely recommend this tour for people that are interested in more details about this fantastic Epcot garden.  They keep it interesting enough for kids but I think they will still hold it against you.

And on your way out pick up one of their plants!  They are relatively inexpensive and it is a great souvenir.  I purchased a pineapple plant and it easily made it home by plane.  What happened to it after we returned home is another story.

Thank you for joining me on my tour and letting me relive some memories.

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail is The World of Deej.

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