Disney Cruise Line - Concierge Level on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

On a Disney Cruise you always experience top notch services, but going Concierge is making something wonderful even more magical.

Welcome to this month’s Magical Blogorail Blue loop. Today we are sharing what you can expect from some of the club level experiences at Disney Resorts and on the Disney Cruise Line.

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Prior to Disney Cruise Line I had only been on one cruise before.  I was 18 and let’s just say it was not the best experience.  In fact the cruise line I went on is no longer in business.

So needless to say I was not really wanting to go on another cruise, even it was was a Disney Cruise. But my husband had to go for work and wanted to take the family.  I said I would do it but only if we went concierge.

Boy was that a big mistake! It turns out I love Disney Cruising and now we only go Concierge. (my husband is still paying for this decision)

Let me share with you some of the perks of staying Concierge and why we will never go back.

Shore-side Concierge Services

the service begins even before you have left land

Even before you get on board you have access to a Concierge team ready to help you plan your cruise at 120 days out.

They really come in helpful when trying to plan hard to get bookings like Palo, Remy and the coveted Castaway Cay Cabana.  But they can also capture some of the things you like so they will be on board for you.

Our files has weird things like what wines we like and our favorite snacks.  On our last cruise we literally ate the last Mickey risk krispie treats on boards.  Have a funny feeling they will have more the next time we cruise.

Concierge Boarding and Disembarking

When you arrive at the port you will immediately see the Concierge difference. There is a dedicated desk for checking you in. It is much more casual than the long lines you see in the rest of the terminal.

Now don’t think you get out of standing in a line at all.  There may still be one but their will be Cast Members talking to you in line and getting thing arranged so once you get to a desk you are streamlined through.

As Concierge you children will get their Kids Club bands at this time. This sames a lot of time later since there is no need to stand in the other line at the port or while onboard.

Once you have checked in there is even a dedicated area for you to sit.

Dedicated Check In Desk (photo credit: Passporter)

Dedicated Check In Desk (photo credit: Passporter)

Boarding is a breeze as you are escorted down a special aisle bypassing all the other passengers. You walk right up to the front, have your photo taken and step right onto the ship.

Once on the ship you are escorted again to the Concierge Lounge where you are sat at a table to await one of the Concierge team to walk your through your itinerary and make any adjustments or add on any spa services.

As you wait you can enjoy light snacks and cocktails. (My favorite moment is as Joe was getting snacks for the boys I looked longingly at a mimosa another passenger had. A server saw me and brought me one immediately. My expectations for the rest of the cruise were set.)

Disney Fantasy Concierge Lounge On-Boarding Cocktail | Disney Cruise Line

On dembarkation day the service does not stop. You are invited to eat your breakfast in the Concierge Lounge rather than going down to the restaurants.

When you are ready to leave a Concierge Member escorts you back off the ship and you are fast tracked through customs.  Again, no standing in line.

Concierge Staterooms

On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the concierge rooms are on levels 11 and 12. There are family staterooms, 1-room suites and 2 Royal Suites.

What is great about the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream is there are a lot more concierge rooms to choose from.  Even us commoners can get one. 😉

In addition to the normal amenities, Concierge level staterooms have some extra perks.

Non-concierge staterooms include H2O+ products but the concierge rooms get staterooms include the products used at Sense Spa.

The beds on a Disney Cruise are heavenly. All staterooms include 300-thread-count, 100% Egyptian cotton linens from Frette. The Concierge rooms are further upgraded with Sealy Posturepedic® Premium Plush Euro-top mattresses and feather and down duvets. (I literally sunk into the bed. It was heavenly!)

Disney Cruise - Disney Dream Stateroom 12010

Like any good hotel, the Concierge rooms also include robes and slippers. Perfect for sitting out on the deck in the morning.

Disney Cruise - Disney Dream Concierge Room Robes

And while you are on your cruise don’t be surprised if your Concierge Team surprises you a time or two. They will always keep you feeling special.

The Concierge Lounge (and the Coffee Maker)

On level 12 there is a Concierge Lounge that is open from 7 am to midnight. It is always stocked with snacks and drinks. (We never ate breakfast at a restaurant. Instead we would just grab something from the lounge.)

There are also two happy hours (before each dinner seating) where cocktails are offered. During the cruise there will also be other Concierge guest socials so be sure to check you on-board mail for more information.

Disney Cruise - Disney Dream Concierge Soiree

The Concierge Lounge has tables for guest to relax in any time of day. They can access the Internet, watch news on a large-screen TV or work with the Concierge team on special requests.

Also take the time to browse the entrance way to the lounge.  There are some really cool items there (I really wanted to swipe the Anyone Can Cook book).  They also have the menus for that evening’s meals.  So you can order it to your room if you don’t feel like going to the restaurant.

From the Lounge, Concierge Guests can access the Concierge-only sun deck. Really comfy chairs are available to soak up the sun and there is a bar stocked with water and refreshments. This area is also used for special events at times.

Concierge Guest Halloween Party

Concierge Guest Halloween Party

But back in the Concierge Lounge is the shining star of the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy – the coffee maker. This machine will become your best friend.

Disney Cruise Line - Disney Concierge Lounge Coffee Maker

You can head down to the coffee shop where you have to pay for a coffee or let this puppy do it for you. From lattes, to espresso, to cappuccinos. It can do it all. (Remember – the lounge opens at 7 am.)

The Service Overall

We love our stays as Concierge guest and have done a 4 night and 7 night cruise. We are now trying to swing a longer one.  But if you had to ask me why I loved it so much I would have to say it was the service.

Disney Cruise - Disney Dream Concierge Team

The Concierge Team is always beyond fantastic. They help with anything and take the time to get to know you. Even on a 4 night cruise we felt they had become family.

It was the little things they did that made it all worth it. Things like checking in on friends of ours (not Concierge) that had had an injury, building sand castles with the kids on Castaway Cay or giving me a big hug and calling me a winner when I showed up in the lounge with my Castaway Cay 5K medal on.

These are people I will always remember.

So if you ever have the chance…. Disney Cruise Concierge!

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Disney Cruise Line - Concierge Level on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasty