Today will just be a quick wrap up of the dog sledding excursion my husband & I took during our Disney Alaskan cruise in May of 2012.  If you have followed along in our Alaskan series of articles you will see that I created many, many scrapbook pages of this excursion as it was truly a fantastic experience.  My first time in a helicopter and my very first time in Alaska and it sure started off with a bang.  Skagway was our very first port-of-call and it was a very full day.  After our helicopter flight to see the sled dogs we grabbed lunch and met up with a private tour guide to whisk us off into the Yukon territory.  The views were absolutely breathtaking and we saw classic Alaskan wildlife along the way….so stay tuned for the Yukon coming next Tuesday!!

The rest of the scrapbook pages, again, are quite simple in design with the focus being on the photos. These are some action pages of the dogs and a layout composed mainly of shots taken when we first arrived at the dog camp. If you missed the past posts about this adventure scroll back through and look for post #’s 6 & 7. I concentrated most of the journaling for the day all on one page featured in post # 7. Enjoy!

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Helicopter Tour of Yukon Territory

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Helicopter Tour of Yukon Territory

Scrapbook tip:

this might be kind of an obvious tip but it deserves sharing, repeatedly, especially for travel albums when you might have huge amounts of digital photos and it is very, very easy to become overwhelmed.  I think for this 10 day trip, between my husband & I, we shot well over 1500 photos!

The big tip is – templates, templates, templates!  Use those templates to create your pages quickly.  For this fun action layout of the dogs I used a template The fun cut-out punched photo holder was perfect for an action layout.  I knew right away when I saw my photo that I wanted to use it and try to have the dogs look like they were going to bust right out of the page.

To do this I used my cutting tool in Creative Memories Storybook Creator (SBC) to cut out the photos around the paws and then erased the part of the image below their paws.  I then layered the photo so that it appears like they are popping out & added a slight 3D filter to the photo.  There is some trial & error when creating custom effects like this so be prepared to press that un-do button a few times.

Occasionally you still might have problems achieving a clean look if you are attempting to erase around detailed areas – in this case – dog’s paws! To fix that, consider layering stamps all around your photos – stamps are just like make-up!  You can hide all kinds of lines or discrepancies on your pages.  Some favorites of mine are paint blobs, ink sprays or mists, and leaves. Even word art stamps can hide a lot of problems.

For this layout I used a stamp that looked like misty sand. I re-colored it white and once I did that it looked just like sprayed snow – I was so excited.  Layering the snow blobs on my pages added that extra touch and also helped hide my not-so-perfect extraction. So give it a try- extracting your photos in Photoshop or using the magic wand or cutting tool in SBC is a wonderful way to create some 3D effects on your pages.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Dog Sledding in the Yukon Territory on a Disney Alaskan Cruise

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Dog Sledding in the Yukon Territory on a Disney Alaskan Cruise

I love this look for sports, Disney pages, or any type of page where action is involved. I have included another page using the very same template so you can see how it can be used effectively with children.  The location will be familiar to Disney fans!  ;)

Disney Scrapbook Layout - Honey I Shrunk the Kids Play area in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Remember if you do use a template and you plan on sharing your page in online scrapbooking galleries – DO leave credit for the template designer – they will appreciate the love!

Happy Scrapping – see you in the Yukon next week!

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Scrapbook Page Credits:

  • Traveler kit, Mod Power Palette & Disney elements  – Creative Memories
  • winter pixie dust paper –
  • all of these pages were creating using templates! by:
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