Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney Alaska Cruise Photo Shoot by Sharon

Hello everyone!

Well I have finally come to the very end of my Disney Alaskan cruise article series!  I have loved sharing with all of you these very special moments my husband and I enjoyed on this most fabulous cruise aboard the Disney Wonder! If you have missed the previous articles in my Alaskan series – there are 26 of ’em – click here to start at the very beginning of the series: Alaskan Cruise Adventure series #1

I hope that those of you who do scrapbook Disney or other travel adventures felt inspired.  Many of you expressed your desire to begin digi-scrapping.  I sincerely hope you take the plunge if you have thought about it.  It is a wonderful way to get your most valuable family memories preserved, not only for yourself but for your children.

[quote]They are YOUR memories and layouts so they can be simple and easy OR as ornate and elaborate as you want them to be![/quote]

I saved this last layout for this very post. These photos are near and dear to my heart as they express the spontaneity and joy that my husband strive to achieve whenever we are at a Disney location. It’s good to play, be free and not take life so seriously!

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney Alaska Cruise Photo Shoot by Sharon

Originally neither of us had packed our “pirate gear” from our last Caribbean cruise because I figured that pirate night might not occur on an Alaskan cruise and our children weren’t with us either so….we probably wouldn’t do it.

However, there certainly was a scheduled pirate night!  I then changed my mind and came up with the idea of a bride and groom pirate couple as the trip was a celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary so it seemed fitting.  My husband was more than happy to join with me.  We had a blast hamming it up for the photographers as you can see.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney Alaska Cruise Photo Shoot by Sharon

Photo tips:

Get as many photos taken as you can.

On Disney cruise ships the photo packages work much like Photopass inside the Disney Parks. The big tip is to get as many photos as you can during your cruise because you can purchase a package that includes ALL your photos.

You will have your card scanned by the photographers on board every time they take your photo. There are kiosks located on the ships where you type in your number or scan your card and you can view all of your photos taken to date. Later you will pay for your photos and can have them all placed on a DVD.

Again, it makes sense to get as many photos as you can because when you purchase the DVD it includes every shot taken- you don’t pay by the shot. So if you have 25 photos or 50 photos it will be the same price in the DVD package.  Characters are plentiful on the ships all the time and a schedule is printed daily as to where they will be located and the times.

Enjoy the characters.

It is wayyyy easier to have character experiences on the cruise ships than in the parks where you have to deal with long lines and just have to get lucky most of the time.

Take advantage of the white backdrop.

In addition, take advantage of the white backdrop that they will have available because you can dress anyway you like for those shots and really have fun with it or you can just get classic family portraits and convert to Black & White and no one would even guess that they were taken on a Disney cruise ship

Take photos without the kids. 

I encourage all you couples out there to join in the Disney fun even when your kids are not there!  Where else can you dress up like pirates ( or whatever you like) and get professional photos done all at the same time.  (These aren’t your Halloween night instagram shots!)

It’s been great fun and as always I will continue to write and post right here on all kinds of subjects related to Disney travel and digital scrapbooking.  My posting day is moving from Tuesday to THURSDAY.  Through the remainder of 2013 I will be focusing on Disney World during the holiday season!

So, see you real soon – right here next Thursday!

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