Disney Cruise Alaska Adventure: Wrapping It Up with Couple PhotossHi everyone,

My apologies for not posting these past 2 weeks as I went on an extended vacation to Hawaii – kind of the opposite from Alaska!  🙂

I do have 1 more remaining post in the Alaska series so be sure to check in next week for the last post.  After wrapping up this series I will be writing on regular Disney topics with my focus being on Disney World and of course sharing my Disney scrapbook layouts with you!

As I reached the end of my album I had quite a few photos taken of us as a couple that I had not scrapped yet but were highly important – in fact the most important to me.  Some were in my layouts several weeks ago that I shared with you.  Most of those were the quick snapshots taken with various Disney characters during our character meals or just around the ship.  Next week I will share my layouts of my most favorite of all the shots taken by the Disney photographers on board.

The photos featured in these layouts were also taken by the ship photographers.  I encourage all of you to plan ahead before you go on a Disney cruise and really take advantage of the services offered onboard and the various backdrops available.  Plan your outfits and costumes in advance and really have fun with it.  I will write more about that next week.

For these layouts I used templates by Rosey Posey, one of my favorite digital designers.  She has many artsy templates that make it appear as if you worked long hours to create your layout but in reality it is just a matter of slipping in the photo that you want to use, making minor adjustments if needed & adding text if you wish.

This layout below uses a photo that was not one of my favorites but we were all dressed up so I wanted to use it.  I tend to not like the backdrops that have the ship in it.  Seems so canned and fak-ey to me.  However this template really softened a lot of that artificial feel in the photo.

Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney Alaska Cruise Formal Night

I think the secret here is the blending.  In this instance the blending is built right into the template and of course the entire theme of the template is sailing – how perfect!!!  I literally just put the photo in – done!

This next page is the very last page in my album.  I hemmed and hawed over it.  Should I have a more formal and serious page?  Should I use the pirate photos we had taken which you will see in next week’s article….  or should I have a strictly journaling page with a photo of the ship or stunning Alaskan scenery?

Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney Alaska Cruise Character Meet and Greets

page credits:  Blended template 25 by Rosey Posey

I ultimately picked this photo because I think it shows the spirit of which my husband & I take when we travel.  We just have fun & this was a Disney cruise after all.  It seemed fitting to me to include this spontaneous photo ( we hadn’t planned this and took it spur of the moment) I also knew this template was going to be used for my last page – it is just too perfect with the title.  It was truly an amazing journey!

See you next Tuesday for my very last post on Alaska.  I cannot wait to share the layout I created – it’s my favorite in the entire album.

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Scrapbook page credits:

  • templates – “Set Sail” and Blended template 25 templates by Rosey Posey
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