Disney Cruise Alaska Adventure #23: A Disney Cruise – It’s not just for kids!Hi everyone!

I have gotten so much positive feedback on my Disney Cruise Alaskan Adventure series from our fans right here and also at other digital scrapbooking sites that I participate in.

In my personal life I have also enjoyed great conversations with others about how amazing an Alaskan trip is. Inevitably though I get asked the same questions quite often when people ask what cruise line we took and I answer DISNEY.

These questions usually are a variance of: “Did you bring your kids?”  “Was it just the two of you?” (said with disbelief in voice)  “Is there anything for adults to do?”

…and my personal favorite – “don’t all those kids drive you nuts?”

So today I thought I would address this and share my thoughts on this very subject and share a scrapbook page with you of course!  Over the course of the month of October I will be sharing layouts that will show some of the fun we had aboard the ship itself – just the two of us.

In planning a vacation you have to know what works for you and what doesn’t.  There was a time when my husband and I would have liked a more glamorous atmosphere with dressing up, a casino or two and lots of rum. Now I prefer to have a quieter vacation and appreciate an atmosphere that is not going to be interrupted by partying twenty-somethings and pressure to have to look a certain way at the pool or mandatory formalwear for meals.

On the other hand, I also don’t want to be on a cruise ship that has no life or activity either because I’m still under 50 and I do enjoy a pina colada, some steel drum music and some festive evenings.  🙂

Disney cruise lines provides for me a softer more pleasant experience where I can pick and choose the evenings I want to dress up and then dress down on evenings where I need to feel relaxed. Plenty of fruity adult beverages are available, music, the adults only pool, hot tub and spa is top notch. You do not see children in these areas. In other areas of the ship children don’t bother me and I find that I enjoy the family environment because it is lively, and unpretentious.

Honestly I find that children on board are kept so busy that they often are just not in my personal space at all.  It’s a very different experience versus being in the parks.

My husband and I also spend all of our port-of-call days off of the ship.  So when I am on the ship I am just soaking it all in and having a great time.  We are big Disney fans so we love the characters and enjoy posing with them, we love the music and the shows and just love being big kids again.

We also love the Captain’s dinner gala and dressing up in our finery – getting our photos taken and enjoying romantic strolls on the Promenade.  I have found the Promenade & hot tubs are often very quiet, even empty, during the evenings while the families and children are inside doing family activities.

One thing that was very nice on this Alaskan Cruise was that we were seated at a large table for our nightly dinner rotations with other couples traveling without children!  This was unexpected and I loved it.  We could converse and get to know one another and enjoy great adult conversation and share Disney travel tales & tips with one another.  Since we sat every evening with the same people we really enjoyed our nightly dinners and the ability to share what we did and saw during the day. On our last evening one of that ladies brought some special wine to open up and share with the table. We even had our photo taken together.

Which brings me to my favorite adults-only activity onboard the Disney Cruise ships and that is the restaurant – Palo!  Palo is a fine northern Italian restaurant and all of Disney’s cruise ships have one.  Located on Deck 10 in a very quiet part of the ship it is perfect for romance. Reservations are necessary and should be done during your trip planning to ensure getting in.

Dinner and brunch are served and there is an additional $20 fee per person.  You must be over 18 to dine there and they do have a dress code.  Jackets are required for men, no jeans, etc. The food & beautiful romantic atmosphere is well worth the additional fee.  You can order as many entrees or desserts as you wish.  My husband and I usually order a sampler of the desserts so we can try it all. In addition to Palo, the Fantasy and Dream ships have another adults-only restaurant called Remy.  Remy serves upscale French cuisine.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Dining at the Adult Only Palo Restaurant

I created this layout featuring our evening spent at Palo.  I used the muted tones of a kit by Anna Aspnes called Saffron Villa to emphasize the golden tones found in the European décor of the restaurant. Would you ever guess this was a Disney cruise?

We would love to hear of any special adults-only moments you may have experienced onboard the cruise ships or in the parks!  Please leave us a comment!

Until next week – keep on scrappin’

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