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Sharon here with part 2 of Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC.  This is a fabulous garden and for me it was a “must-see” while in Vancouver during our Alaskan cruise aboard the Disney Wonder. My last post found here:  Butchart gardens Pt. 1 will give you the details of my experience at this world-class garden so I won’t go into too many travel details in this post.

I have scrapped some more double page layouts of the garden and today I will focus again on using templates to make scrapbooking fun and easy.  These pages are more detailed but you can certainly make template scrapping as simple or ornate as you like.  So I am using many, many colorful photos of garden flowers today – all the same theme & style. Here’s the first layout of the fabulous Sunken Garden at Butchart:

Scrapbook Page Layout - Victoria Burchart Gardens - Alaska Cruise Shore TripI don’t often use maps on my pages but I loved this one and how the fun little “You are here” arrow was in bright red and in just the right spot. Even the little blue bathroom people are cute!  🙂

I think maps sometimes can look harsh on a page and somewhat busy so to soften it I placed an overlay by Scrapyrus on the top. The antique writing is my favorite part – perfect for a historical garden page. I also reduced the opacity of both the map and the overlay.  In addition, I added a texture to the map so it wouldn’t be quite so flat & graphic. I also used heavy shadowing to pop the photos up off the map.

Scrapbook Page Layout - Victoria Burchart Gardens - Alaska Cruise Shore Trip

page credits:  template by Cindy Schneider and Botanica kit by Scrapyrus

I do like to use many different types of templates within the same album all mixed up with pages of my own design too for variety, as I am sure many of you do as well.  HOWEVER , this can take time and lots of it.  Sometimes I spend way too much time searching through templates.

One thing I like to do to save time is if I have made a page I really, really like I duplicate the page in my project and I simply remove the photos from it and use it again, as is, almost like a quick page.  (“Quick pages” are different from templates in that all you have to do is slip in a photo or two – they are more “done” than a template because they are completely decorated for you already).

It works best if you are scrapping photos all within the same event or theme, in this case a garden.  That way you can keep the majority of papers on the page and by the time you replace the photos it won’t even look like the same template almost.

Here is an example of the page with the map on it after I removed just the photos & the garden map.  It actually looks quite generic now and could suit a wide variety of photos! It is now a “quick page”!

Scrapbook Page Layout - Victoria Burchart Gardens - Alaska Cruise Shore Trip

My “re-do” of the same pages you saw earlier – just different photos and a big title – I fiddled with the embellishments just a little bit. I changed a couple buttons, added some more leaves and I was done. It is a double page layout so you have to imagine the title stretched out over the layout.

Scrapbook Page Layout - Victoria Burchart Gardens - Alaska Cruise Shore Trip

Scrapbook Page Layout - Victoria Burchart Gardens - Alaska Cruise Shore Trip

page credits:  template by Cindy Schneider, Botanica kit by Scrapyrus, and title font:  Jellyka Delicious Cake

and here is the page yet again with a completely different set of photos – family photos this time!  This would of course be in a completely different album.

Scrapbook Page Layout - Cece at the pond

After writing this post I am now inspired to go through even more of my layouts and pick out pages that would make good candidates for making “quick pages” and saving them in a special folder to use in the future. I am always looking for ways to speed up my scrapping and a little time invested in duplicating just might be the ticket!

The following pages I scrapped quite some time ago but it was one of the highlights of the day and since this is my last Butchart gardens post I had to squeeze them in.  We had high English tea in the conservatory for lunch and it was romantic and fun – just a perfect first day of vacation to be with my groom!

Scrapbook Page Layout - Tea Time

Scrapbook Page Layout - Tea Time

page credits: templates by pixels2pages.net and kits- Creative Memories digital

Next week I will share some pages of the Misty Fjords National Monument!

Happy scrapping!

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