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I held my own private speed scrap last night.

So you know how all of a sudden you’ll be in the middle of a big scrapbook project and you reach this point where you’ve scrapped a lot of pages but – YIKES – you still have sooooo many more photos to scrap? Yep, I hit that point the other day with my Alaska album.

I have scrapped at least 40 pages altogether of my most favorite photos and moments – many of the pages took me quite some time to do and some took me less than 15 minutes.  Yet, I still have so many un-scrapped photos.  I haven’t even gotten to the cities of Vancouver and Seattle where we spent a lot of time and where I have great memories that I want to document.

In addition, this summer has been very busy for my family with quite a few milestone events that I want to scrap and even more travel including a big trip to Hawaii yet to come.  I quickly realized that my goal was going to be to get this album fully completed before my trip to Hawaii.

Disney Alaska Cruise - Ports of Call Scrapbook Page Layout #DisneyScrapbooking #DisneyMemories

Disney Alaska Cruise - Ports of Call Scrapbook Page Layout #DisneyScrapbooking #DisneyMemories

So, I challenged myself to gather up all the photos of the ports-of-call & scrap one double page layout of each port in Alaska and call that part of the album –  done.  I figured I could knock those out very quickly by using some great double page templates & some strategic scrapping & setting limits for myself.

Here was my strategy:

1. No dilly-dallying with the photo editing.

    • The photos were already good – I only permitted myself to auto correct the tone, color, clarity & sharpness. I spot checked a few photos and used batch editing in Lightroom which is a wonderful way to edit.
    • By editing just a few and then syncing the rest with similar exposure my editing of over 150-200 photos was completed in less than 30 minutes.

2. Limit of ONE layout per port-of-call.

    • Choosing only the very best & most favorite photos. I did have to cull out some good photos but by setting myself a limit I was able to tell the story of each port and not get overwhelmed.  There are only so many pages that can fit in my albums after all!

3. Most importantly – use TEMPLATES! 

    • I chose Cindy Schneider’s Double It Up templates because I can get a lot of photos scrapped and I have found that I can manipulate the photos holders easily when I need one bigger or smaller space etc.  This was not the time for artsy templates with 1 or 2 tiny little photos!  😉
    • I also eliminated many of the embellishment spots that come on the template then added just the few that I needed.  The more embellishments the more time consuming.
    • If I found myself hitting that un-do button too often I continually coached myself to move on as I worked.  My mantra was the phrase “progress not perfection“!  I reminded myself of the agreed upon rules in my head: no complicated layering or clustering, no lengthy journaling as I already have journaled a lot on other pages, no blending or cutting and pasting and follow the template as much as possible!

Disney Alaska Cruise - Skagway Alaska Scrapbook Page Layout #DisneyScrapbooking #DisneyMemories

Disney Alaska Cruise - Skagway Alaska Scrapbook Page Layout #DisneyScrapbooking #DisneyMemories

4. Work with photos before adding papers and embellishments. 

    • To gain a feeling of accomplishment I often will choose the templates after I see what shapes of photos I have.
    • I then lay all the photos out first in the templates all at once without filling in with papers and such.  Once I have all the photos in place (in this case on all 6 pages) and exactly where I want them I then go back and fill them in with my digital content.
    • This way because I am working so thematically I can remember to use the same or similar colors and trends so that the pages have some continuity. I knew these pages would be very bold so I wanted to be sure they all went together somewhat.

5. Use a limited number of digital kits.

    • I stuck with the main kit that I have used throughout the album which is “Traveler” by Creative Memories but for continuity I also wove in some of Mari Koegelenberg’s “Anchors Away” that I had also used for the sea lions layout.
    • I also chose some papers & embellishments from Jennifer Fehr of Simple Pleasure designs. She has the most amazing vintage elements and papers that I knew would look great & help to evoke some of that 1800’s Alaskan fishing & mining history vibe to my pages.
    • Limiting my product saved me a TON of time.

Disney Alaska Cruise - Juneau Alaska Scrapbook Page Layout #DisneyScrapbooking #DisneyMemories

Disney Alaska Cruise - Juneau Alaska Scrapbook Page Layout #DisneyScrapbooking #DisneyMemories

As I build my album these pages can then be dividers for sections in my album with the port-of-call layout being  more in the front of the album or I can place all the port-of-call layouts together in one section , adding Seattle & Vancouver when I complete those.

My next private speed scrap will be to gather all the special photos taken by the ship’s pro photogs of my husband & I from this cruise and scrap those much in the same way as I have done here – yet…a little differently.  But that’s for another post! I expect to make a significant gain in project completion all within 2 weeks. So again…shortcuts pay off and not every page needs to be an artistic masterpiece!  😉

What Disney memories do you hold dear to your heart that deserve a speed scrap?  Just do it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you gain some inspiration from my layouts.  Please leave any comments or questions you might have for me as well.

Happy Scrapping!

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Scrapbook Page Credits:

    • templates by Cindy Schneider – Double It Up series
    • Anchors Away by Mari Koegelenberg (papers, ribbons, flowers,  nautical elements)
    • Simple Pleasure designs by Jennifer Fehr (antique buttons, wood press alphas, papers, flowers)
    • Traveler kit by Creative Memories digital