Sharon here was some more Alaskan cruise scrapbook layouts – focus on Juneau.

In my last article I shared a little about our private whale watching/ fishing excursion aboard the Rum Runner.  Before we boarded the captain asked us what we most wanted to see and do besides look for Humpback whales and our response was that we really wanted to view some Bald Eagles.

Disney Scrapbook Layout - Alaska Cruise Eagles in Juneau

Doesn’t every visitor to Alaska want to see Bears, whales and eagles?  So he informed us that he would definitely be able to get us close to some Eagles and boy he was not kidding.  At the very beginning of our voyage we saw some right away perched on some large metal buoys and we were very excited.  I even snapped some pretty good photos with my 300mm lens.

He said to us,” Oh I’m going to get you much closer than that!  You’ll see…..  Sure enough when we had tired of chasing whales and had caught our salmon he said he was ready to show us the eagles as the grand finale.  He piloted the boat to a quiet cove and said,”watch this –get your camera ready.”

Bringing out a big package of lard he called out loudly and began tossing chunks of lard high into the air.  All of a sudden an eagle swooped out from what seemed like nowhere and grabbed the lard mid-air.  My husband and I began tripping over one another to get in position to snap photos.  Another eagle came and then another and another.  Within one minute we had dozens and dozens of eagles swooping all around us!

They were so fast it was almost impossible to photograph them.  I was using my long 300mm lens which I then had to quickly switch out for my regular lens in order to even get them in the frame.  That is how close they came in to the boat to grab the lard! Initially I was choosy with the shutter button but realized that I had better just fire away knowing there was going to be a lot of throwaway shots but that I was bound to get some good ones in the bunch.

We watched them repeatedly dive and sometimes even collide with one another as they competed over those chunks of lard.  It was truly unforgettable.  The last time I saw so many bald eagles together was on a private South Carolina beach on a cold January day and there was not the action we saw that day in Alaska.  The captain told us that because we were among the earliest visitors for the season we were lucky because later on when food sources become more plentiful and the salmon are running the eagles will not come like they did that day.

In early spring they are hungry and looking for food for their nestlings. In general we heard frequently from people we spoke with that early spring cruises are best for wildlife watching versus the late summer cruises.  So if you are an avid photographer or viewing wildlife is important to you then that is something to consider when timing your cruise.

Disney Scrapbook Layout - Alaska Cruise Eagles in Juneau

For my bald eagle layouts I chose my best shots – I did have a lot of blurry ones!  But I had enough to make 4 pages of this wonderful experience.  My favorite close-up shots I featured in custom designed pages – no templates.

I used masking techniques to blend the eagle and emphasize motion all at the same time.  The angular row of photos further emphasizes the flight of the bird.  I love this technique in photo placement for any sports type page, motion with children, theme-parks, beach and pool. I kept the colors simple – using brown, black and crème to match the eagle.  A splash of yellow is matched from the eagles’ beak.  I chose traditional American red & blue along with stars to emphasize that the Eagle is the national bird of the United States.

Disney Scrapbook Layout - Alaska Cruise Eagles in Juneau

In my second layout I wanted to show the chaotic action of having so many birds so close to the boat all at once.  I loved how the circle elements from the Shine digital additions kit from Creative Memories reminded me of native Alaskan art – I colored those to match the overall colors of the layout.


See you next Tuesday!  I will have some more layouts featuring whales and sea lions!

Happy scrapping!



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Scrapbook Page Credits:

  • 1st layout – original design and elements from Creative Memories
  • 2nd layout – template by and elements & papers from Creative Memories
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