I had to take a break from the digital world a bit.  I was missing my traditional scrapbooking roots and needed to work with real paper, scissors, and glue.

But I needed to find a project so I decided to help my husband out a bit.  He is a Disney travel Planner for Off the Neverland Travel and is alway sending out documents to his clients.  He always includes business cards that people can share with others to refer him if they liked his service.
Making Your Own Tip Envelopes - Feature
I always thought there should be a cute way of packaging them.  So out comes the paper….
Step 1:

Print out the template for a mini-envelope on the back of any paper your choose (scrap scrapbook paper is great for this).  If it is 12×12 cut it so it was 8.5 inches wide and can fit in your printer.

If you would like a copy of it… CLICK HERE.

printable pattern for a mini-envelope

 Step 2:

Then cut out along the lines, fold, and glue the flaps down.

cutting out and gluing mini-envelopes


You could easily stop there but you can always add some Disney flair.  In this example, the Cricut came in handy to make some Mickey head confetti using the Mickey and Friends cartridge.  But you could easily make a template of your own and cut them out by hand.

Decorate all the envelopes with Mickey heads and other bits and pieces you have until you like the look.  This is a great way to use up some of your old stash.  

adding mickey heads to the mini envelopes

I love the packets so much I ended up making even more.  This time I used the cricut to make some Thanks word art.  These packets will be used for tipping the cleaning lady for our room.

using mini-envelopes to hold money for tips

I think these have a ton of uses.  What would you use them for?

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