This article DOES NOT discuss using scooters for medical reasons, visible or invisible. You and your doctor are the only ones that know your limitations.

This article ONLY addresses recreational use by those that don’t need it but want it for convenience. The hope is those that do not need it will understand their impact on those that do.

Comments have been disabled due to the number of rude and hurtful comments. Everyone has their own story and should not be judged.

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electric scooters in Epcot

If you google ‘Disney World Scooter Rental’  you will find that there a ton of rental companies out there.  This should tell you something, scooter rentals in the Orlando area are on the rise.

“Are there really that many people out there that need a scooter for medical reasons?”  The answer is NO!

On a recent trip I was speaking with a Cast Member at the scooter rental area in Epcot.  She told me that the majority of rentals are now for people that tell them they “just don’t want to tire out so they can go out in the evenings”.  If you look anywhere in the parks you get a feeling that that is the truth.  And it only seems to be getting worse.

So before someone decides to rent a scooter for a non-medical reason they should think about how it impacts the Disney experience for everyone.

Example of a Scooter that can be rented at Walt Disney World

Impact to Traffic Flow

Strollers and scooters are just a fact at Disney World but as numbers increase so does the impact of traffic flow in the parks. It becomes more difficult to walk from point to point in the park navigating the sea of wheeled vehicles.

Disney has had to create parking areas that were once walking paths making the problem even worse. Have you ever been in an area when a show gets out – pure chaos!!

This congestion increases frustration of everyone and can even result in injuries as people just ‘try to get by’.

Overuse of Handicap Access

Disney does not know if a person on a scooter has a medical reason or if it is just recreational, so they treat everyone the same. Which means all scooter riders are treated as they are handicapped and get access to their lines (which are typically shorter) and special seating at shows.

This is a huge issue for those that are handicapped. I have spoken with people in wheel chairs that have had to wait through multiple shows (i.e. Finding Nemo the Musical) because all the handicapped seating was filled with scooters.

So if you are a recreational user remember – many people do not have the ability to stand up and take a seat. Recreational users should leave their scooters outside!!!! (I have some passion around this one – just because you have a scooter does not make you handicapped or special)

Takes Up Room on the Bus

This one is getting worse every trip now. In the old days Disney’s busses had spots for 2 wheel chairs on their buses. Now the buses are being fitted to take 3-4 wheel chairs or scooters. This again is a sign that this is a growing trend.

This is a huge issue for transportation. 4 scooters takes up the space for approximately 20-30 people on a bus. At park closing this becomes a nightmare trying to get everyone home.

photo credit: DisBoards

photo credit: DisBoards

On one night it took close to 1.5 hours to get a bus one evening to Pop Century because there were a line of scooters. So if you are a recreational user, be considerate and know that you are kicking close to 10 people off a bus for your comfort. And expect to hear some unkind comments as people are waiting on you.

Restricts Hallway Access

This one is another pet peeve of mine. Scooter renters enjoy renting their scooters but don’t like to have them taking up room in the hotel rooms.  So they park them in the hallway and plug them into a charger out there.

This restricts the room people with children and luggage have to navigate hallways. This could also be a huge issue if there was a fire. Just know, that if I see scooters in the hallway I call the front desk to have them removed.

I just don’t see them as a part of the Disney hotel ambiance and I think they are just to big of a fire hazard.

Safety Hazard

Scooters CAN hurt people. I have had to grab our children out of the way of a scooter that was not slowing down on numerous occasions. Scooters seem to think they have the right of way and will make others move. My son, at 2 and a half, was just about run over INSIDE a kids play area at the Imagination Pavilion. This area is made for kids to run around so don’t tell me that it was the kids fault.

Another example was on the evening my husband proposed to me.  We took a romantic walk hand in hand around the fire lit lagoon in Epcot. As we rounded a corner I guess we were not moving fast enough and two ladies in scooters (drinks in had) came behind us with the headlights on and kept honking their horn for us to move faster.  They just kept moving forward to eventually one hit the back of  my ankles.

If you are a recreational user, know that you do not have the right away and that be aware that you could hurt people.  As the motorized vehicle you would be at fault in any accident (and liable for any injuries) and you need to treat it like you would a car.  Expect that people will jump out in front of you.  It is a ‘park’ after all.

I Haven’t Forgotten Strollers

And don’t think I am omitting the impact of strollers. I know that many of the comments below use strollers as a justification for their behavior with scooters. (very grown up isn’t it – the old ‘if they can do it why can’t I’ defense)

I am a guilty user of strollers and will ween my children from them as quickly as possible for just the same reasons have stated above. I HATE impacting myself or others around with with those things.

They are a necessary evil when the kids are young but as a friend of mine says ‘if the kids knees are up to their ears they may be too big for a stroller’.

strollers at walt disney world

I know that his was a huge Disney Controversy and one that I definitely have an opinion on. I just want people to think how their decisions impact others. Unfortunately people today think they are the most important person at Disney and it does not matter if what is convenient to them makes many things more inconvenient to others.

So all I ask is that you think of others as you make decisions. This should not only be at Disney but also in your everyday life.

Thank you for joining me today.