Disney World is known for being filled with excitement and color.  It is a wonder to behold but sometimes it can take over a photo and you lose the focus on the memory you want to capture.  That is when spot color can be helpful.

Here is an example of a photo where what was important to me was lost.   While we were having breakfast at Hollywood and Vine Handy Mandy from Disney Junior came up and picked my son to join him up front for the celebration.  I captured the shot but as you can see the other parts of the restaurant compete with my story.

Adding Spot Color to Your Photos - Handy Mandy at Hollywood Play and Dine Breakfast

Using Photoshop Elements and four EASY steps I could rearrange the colors so that you focus on what matters most – the #DisneyMemories.

These EASY steps are things that you can do with Photoshop Elements or other digital scrapbooking programs.  This techniques is great for all skill levels.

Adding Spot Color to Your Photos - Handy Mandy at Hollywood Play and Dine Breakfast

The key is that the photo editing program must let you overlay a photo with another one.  In this case I will be using Photoshop Elements 10.  I know many of the scrapbooking programs (like Storybook Creator by Creative Memories) can also do this.

1. Add a duplicate layer over the original photo.  Right click on the original image and select ‘Duplicate Layer’.  Accept the default options and a copy of the image will appear above the original.

2. Change the top layer to black and white. From the top menu select ‘Enhance’.  Then choose ‘Convert to Black and White’.  You can play with the options and choose the best on to fit your photo.

3. Select an eraser. From the left hand tool bar select the eraser icon.  Then from the top use the pull down menu to choose a brush.  I recommend using a brush with a blurry edge so you have some room for errors.

4. Erase parts of the picture you want in color.  Make sure you are working with the top layer by clicking on it.  Then use the eraser to remove parts of the black and white photo so the color shows through.  If you need to increase or decrease the size of your eraser use the

[ and ] keys.

With these EASY steps you can make color pop or even play around a bit.  Try leaving your photo in color and highlighting in black & white, work with sepia for a vintage look, try color overlays, erase only an item or two.

The possibilities are endless.

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