Meeting some of the chracters at Disney's Hollwyood Studios - also knows as Streetmosphere or the Citizens of HollywoodHollywood Studios at Walt Disney World isn’t just about the rides and the stage shows.  Those things are great but the hidden gems of the Hollywood Studios are the Citizens of Hollywood.

Considered Streetmosphere, these improv actors have developed personalities over time that the guests have come to love.  You can find them daily along Sunset or Hollywood Boulevard.

Some of there skits are somewhat scripted like a KPUT radio game show, a dating game show hosted by Stone Granite or even magic show by the not so up and up Jack Diamond.

Other times they are just interacting with the guests.  And you never now when you’ll be drawn into the show.   You can suddenly be discovered as the next big actor by Albert Dante, identified as the premier expert on alligators, or given a ride down Sunset boulevard as the leading couple in the next big hit movie by the director .

You really don’t know where it will go and that is the magic of it.  But it is guaranteed they will have you laughing and you won’t remember your are missing any rides.

Citizens of Hollywood KPUT Radio - Disney Hollywood Studios

Over time I have had the opportunity to see many of these Citizens and even a time or two I have been a part of the act.  Let me me ntroduce you to the Citizens I have met so far with the hope this list grows over time.

Our established star Mrs. Dorma Nesmond and our rising starlit Miss Evie Starlight.

Citizen of Hollywood Dorma Nesmond - Disney Hollywood Studios Citizen of Hollywood Evie Starlight - Disney Hollywood Studios
Our eager new leading man Mr Holden Hollywood and the slightly shady agent Mr. Jack Diamond.

Citizen of Hollywood Holden Hollywood - Disney Hollywood Studios Citizen of Hollywood Jack Diamond - Disney Hollywood Studios

Our fun loving up and comer with a quirky accent Miss Mimi Kaboom  and the man trying to keep the peace Officer William Club.

Citizen of Hollywood Mimi Kaboom - Disney Hollywood Studios Citizen of Hollywood Officer William Club - Disney Hollywood Studios
Our midwest gal trying to make a name for herself Miss Paige Turner and the acting coach extraordinaire Stone Granite.

Citizen of Hollywood Paige Turen - Disney Hollywood Studios Citizen of Hollywood Stone Granite - Disney Hollywood Studios
Our western radio and movie star Beau Wrangler.

Citizen of Hollywood Beau Wrangler - Disney Hollywood Studios 

Some of the ones I am looking forward to adding to the collection are:

  • Alberto Dante – Director extraordinaire that has in the past discovered our son Sam as the next Hollywood star.  We even have the card to prove it.
  • Bucky Greenhorn – Ukulele playing aspiring actor.
  • Francis Floot – New in town and ready to make it big.
  • Otto Von Bonn Bahn – Established German director that wants everything just right.

Citizen of Hollywood Alberto Dante Business CardTake the time to stop and watch the Citizens of Hollywood.  Even better join in the fun!!  Interact and be a part of the show.

And then give yourself and the Citizens of Hollywood a hand.

Citizens of Hollywood - Officer William ClubMarySignature1