Disney's Castaway Cay Cabana entrance
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Securing a Cabana

Let’s start at the beginning… before you can stay in a cabana you have to first score a cabana during the pre-cruise reservation process.

Getting a cabin is very difficult with Platinum Castaway Cay Club Members (guests that have taken over 10 Disney Cruises) and Concierge guests typically reserving all cabanas before they are ever even opened up to the Gold, Silver or first time cruisers.

Cabanas for Concierge and Platinum Castaway Cay Club Members open up at 120 days before your cruise. Concierge has the edge because Concierge can request a cabana at 125 days out but it is still not booked until 120 days. Basically Concierge guests get to line up early.

If you have your heart set on getting a cabana you need to either become a Platinum Castaway Club Member or book Concierge (or become friends with one).

Once you have secured a cabana for your trip you can relax. The day prior to arriving at Castaway Cay, you will receive some very special mail to your state room. You will receive wrist bands for everyone in your party, your cabana number and directions for checking in the next morning.

Since everything is taken care of for you, you don’t need to race to the cabana so take your time and when you get there just relax. And there is no need to bring towels, water, beach toys,sunscreen, etc. It is all there waiting for you.

Remember you are experiencing luxury – not fighting for a place on the beach.

Cabana Amenities

You won’t need to bring much with you when you leave the trip as the Cabana will have just about everything.

  • comfortable seating (inside and outside) and a hammock
  • small fridge with unlimited sodas, bottled water, fresh fruit and cold washlothes
  • small basket of snacks with plates and utensils
  • a basket of towels (more in the closet if you run out)
  • sunscreen
  • beach toys

If you think you need anything else just push the button on the wall.  A cabana Cast Member will stop by and bring it right to you.

Private Beach

There really is no reason to leave your cabana with all the comforts Disney provides you, but there is a little thing out your door called a private beach that may sway you.

There are two things about Cabana #1 that make it a bit different.  The first is that is has a wooden walkway to the beach because it is handicap accessible.  You can easily roll a beach wheelchair along the path and onto the beach.

The second is that you are right next to the family beach.  You get to see how crowded it is and also watch the Disney security stop people from coming over to your beach. (nothing like being a bit snobby and wanting the commoners to remain on their side of the rope 😉 )

The beach is wonderful.  There are enough chairs and umbrellas for each of the cabanas to have their own without invading each others space.

There are also stacks of float tubes and flat floats for everyone to have their own if they want.  These are included in the price of the cabanas.  Regularly this would run you a ~$10 rental per float.

Everything Else That is Included

Up until now you haven’t left the cabana or the private beach, but there is a lot included if you do want to go to other areas of Castaway Cay. You may even be able to recoup some of your expenses in rentals alone!!

Your cabana rental includes:

  • 1 hour of bike rentals (~$11 per hour)
  • float and tube rentals (~$11 per float)
  • snorkel equipment (~$32 per adult, ~$15 per child)

Is Renting a Cabana Worth It?

Crowded family beach

Cabanas are definitely not cheap so everyone will have to make their own decision if it is worth it or not.  For our family it makes sense.  We have a base of operation where we can leave our stuff and the Disney cast members make sure if we need anything  it is taken care of.  And we don’t have to fight for chairs in the shade or close to the water on the family beach.

It also gives us more time as a family.  To us that is priceless but it is definitely not for everyone.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and would love to know if you think it is worth it.