Seize the day!  How many times have I heard that?  Many, many times I am sure!

I am taking a break this week from the Alaska series briefly to share with you some thoughts I had this past week while roaming through the Magic Kingdom.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Epcot Leave a Legacy by Sharon

As many of you know and probably quite a few of you may have already experienced – the Magic Kingdom went through a major overhaul this year with the new Fantasyland expansion.  This was my first time seeing it and I was impressed! I did however have a teeny tiny part of me that missed the old location of the Dumbo ride and perhaps there were just too many castles now?

I thought that Fantasyland was so different from my vision that resides in my mind where I made all my memories of bringing my young children there, who are now aged 22 and 19.  Disney World has been our most visited place during our years of raising our family.

But not to be too negative though because when I went through the Enchanted Tales of Belle & the new Ariel ride I transformed into my inner 10 year old – I absolutely adored it! So, change can be very welcomed as in exciting new attractions, no more crowded cluster of strollers all crammed with way too many people and horrendously long lines that was once typical of Fantasyland.

However change can also be hard and uncomfortable, or in this case, since we are just talking about a theme park for gosh sakes a cause for wistful reminiscing.  I found myself going back in my mind to years past and the activities we enjoyed as a young family versus what we do now as a family of adults.

Letting go of the need to always be together every single minute, being comfortable with some of us who tired more quickly (including myself), struggling more than ever with the Florida heat and humidity. Sometimes some of us no longer cared about photos or characters or shows or anything like that.  Cell phones were never far away…

Instead I found myself taking in and enjoying those quieter simple moments of just being there in the happiest place on earth. Enjoying my own photography pursuits simply because I love challenging myself with the camera. Enjoying a late night famous Dole Whip with my son, just the two of us, at midnight (with no line!), the late night conversations on the bus ride back to the resort with my older daughter discussing relationships, laughing hysterically when we were drenched with rain day after day, and just simply being together – when we could.

I created this layout several months ago when Mary released her kit “Trip Report” for a Mousescrappers challenge. Such a great kit perfect for regular layouts or 365 type pages.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Epcot Leave a Legacy by Sharon

Back in 2004 we went to Disney World with both sets of grandparents and had a great time.  My parents had purchased a Leave A Legacy at Epcot for themselves and also for us as a lovely thank you gift for bringing them along with us that week.  The following year we set aside time to go and have our photos taken for the engraved walls.

I remember at the time that it was fun – we went and found my parents photos and had our photos done as well.  I also remember being a bit impatient though – wanting to get back in line to ride something. I learned several months ago when I scrapped this memory that the Leave a Legacy is no longer available.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Epcot Leave a Legacy by SharonI had an immediate rush of gratitude that we were able to do that.  It may not matter now – in fact due to rain and illness last week and lack of time & the fact that I forgot to look up our location we never did make it this year to go see our photos.

But down the road…it may be something my children see one day on their own trips and remember their times gone by at the Magic Kingdom with their loved ones.  They may wonder at the changes in their own lives and be reminded to enjoy those moments while they are in them no matter the circumstances and seize the day!  It also may be something that when I return to the park – maybe just my husband and I – just the two of us – we can find those photos and remember and be at peace with change.

I would love to hear from our fans – what are some Disney memories of attractions or events that you carry with you that are no longer available or just special moments that you shared with your family?  Please comment here – we would love to hear them! I will be back next week with more Alaska pages!

Happy scrapping!

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Scrapbook Page Credits:

  • Trip Report kit by Capturing Magical Memories