A Look at How Capturing Magical Memories Was Created

My blog is now 2 and half years old and more than once I have been asked why I began Capturing Magical Memories and creating scrapbooking content.  It all comes down to my:

Love of All Things Disney

As far back as I can remember I have loved all things Disney.  My first movie was The Rescuers.  I remember sitting in that theatre just thinking WOW as my Mom sat next to me holding a tub of popcorn.  And once my brother was born our family took a trip to Walt Disney World every three years and I love those memories and would not trade them for the world!

Walt Disney World Cinderella's Castle with Icicles from the Rose Garden - Engagement Photo

We got Engaged right before Wishes

Personal Disney Connection

As an adult I discovered the Disney online community and my love of Disney came back in full force.  Through this community I met my husband. We had our first date, engagement, honeymoon, and first anniversary at Disney World.  Disney is really intertwined within our lives everyday and we love passing that love onto our 2 (soon to be 3) boys.

Disney Family Photo 2011 - Waterfall at the exit of Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom

Love of Scrapbooking & Preserving Memories

My love of scrapbooking goes back to sitting in the attic looking through my grandmother’s scrapbook and being amazed at all she had done.  Personally, I have been scrapbooking for 16 years.  The woman who introduced me to it passed away this year and I am so thankful to her for getting me started.  I know she lives on in my albums along with all the ones she created.  Now I just smile when I see one of my son’s sit down and look at their albums.  Their faces just light up and that is priceless!!

Passion to get others to Preserve their Memories

Now I want to pass that on.  One thing I learned this year is that photos stuck in our computers or phones are just that – stuck!  I watched as my friend’s virtual identity passed away along with her.  Those Facebook and phone photos just went away.  Luckily she had albums so there will always be the ultimate back up.  And now I want everyone else to have that back up.  It does not matter how you do it, what products you use (except it must be acid free), or how pretty it is.  The purpose to to preserve those memories!!

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Character Landing at Animal Kingdom with Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger

So two and a half years ago I took my passion to the blogosphere and the Capturing Magical Memories Blog was born.  At first it was general scrapbooking then I found what I really wanted to do was to bring Disney into the mix.

I find that people want to scrapbook Disney because they are memories of happy times surrounded by family and friends.  They are memories you don’t want to forget but rather put in a bottle (or book) that you can pick up and experience over and over.  My hope is that if I can start you here you will begin to scrapbook all parts of your lives.

I met up with some great people and joined the Magical Blogorail.  This supportive group helped me focus my blog.  This is when I found there weren’t many kits I could use to scrap Disney photos.  So Capturing Magical Memories Scrapbooking Designs was born.  I began creating digital scrapbooking kits that:

    1. are high quality and meet all digital scrapbooking standards
    2. are focused on Disney experiences but could also be used for every day photos
    3. inspire people to preserve their memories

Disney Digital Scrapbooking Kit - Village Spice by Capturing Magical Memories

This endeavor has led me down a path of meeting wonderful people and expanding my role in the Disney community.  I have gained from all of you as much, if not more, as I have shared.

I hope this post had inspired you just a bit to begin scrapbooking or just printing those photos and adding them to traditional albums.I would love to hear from you on why you scrapbook or what is holding you back from preserving memories! And know I am always here to help or inspire. Just keep preserving those magical memories!

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