Disney Up Wilderness Explorer BadgeWhen I saw the announcement on The Disney Parks Blog yesterday that we will all soon get to be Wilderness Explorers I was beyond excited:

“We’re happy to announce that the Wilderness Explorers adventure organization is coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with a planned opening this spring. Soon, guests can become Wilderness Explorers and experience the entire park using their field guides, completing challenges and earning badges as they go. With more than 30 badges available, Wilderness Explorers is fun for the whole family and helps guests experience Disney’s Animal Kingdom and its themes in a new and exciting way.”

First of all I loved the movie UP!  I just love all the characters and the theme of adventure.   I was so glad when they created the Dug and Russell meet and greet in the Animal Kingdom last year.   It was perfect for that park and they just fit right in.

And now we get to take it to the next level and become a part of the movie with this badge quest!!!  Kids of all ages (me included) are really going to take to this.   I love the idea of a quest and having 30 badges means it could take more than one trip to acquire them all.   Also I am a sucker for anything that has a check list to complete.

Another reason I love this idea is that Animal Kingdom has always been known as a ‘half day’ park.  This will give people a reason to stay longer in the Animal Kingdom park and really enjoy what  has to offer.

Well done Disney.   Now I can’t wait for more details.

Will anyone else be joining me as a Wilderness Explorer?

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