These may be fightin’ words outside of Texas but hands down Blue Bell ice cream is the best store bought ice cream you will ever have.  And we are lucky enough to have the the original Blue Bell Creamery in our backyard in Brenham Texas.

We have made this a family tradition where at least once a year we take the 1.5 hours drive to Brenham for a tour and more specifically the ice cream.

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A Little about Blue Bell Creameries

Brenham Creamery Company began in 1907 as a group of dairy farmers making butter.  In 1911 they began making a bit of ice cream with any excess cream.  By he 1930’s there was a growing market for their ice cream and their name changed to Blue Bell Creameries after the native Texas bluebell wildflower.

Since then they have continued to make momentum and have been on the forefront of many ice cream firsts:

    • First to mass produce cookies and cream
    • First to make novelty ice cream shapes

Today it ranks as one of the top 3 ice creams in the US even though they are available in 26% of the nation’s supermarkets. (Told you the ice cream is good!)

Observation Deck

The 45 minute tour has been discontinued as a result of factory improvements.  But don’t let that stop you from visiting.

Outside and inside of the creamery are filled with memorabilia.  It all starts with it’s main street facade and 1930’s ice cream trucks out front. Once you enter the visitor center you can watch the movie or look at the information boards.  But do remember to pick up your ice cream hat as that is mandatory memorabilia.

Instead of a tour you can now visit the observation deck and oversee the current operations.

The Ice Cream Parlor

It seems odd to drive to Brenham to go to an old time ice cream parlor where you can get ice cream you find in your local Texas supermarket.  But here they offer 16 flavors to try and all for only $1 a scoop.  That is a steal!

But the really fun thing to do is to have everyone in your group get a different flavor.  In our case we will all sit around one of the ice cream parlor tables with out ice cream cups in front of us.  At any time my son will yell switch and everyone has to switch flavors.  Our one problem with this that my son will also decide where the flavors go so when he has decided which he likes the best it seems to always make its way back to him.

Some of our favorite flavors are:

    • Dad – Mint Chocolate Chip
    • Mom – Italian Cream Cake
    • Mr J – Red Velvet Cake
    • Mr T – Birthday Cake

It seems we definitely like our cake flavors.

Country Store

Once you have finished the tour and filled up on ice cream head to their Country Store.  This little store is filled with Blue Bell and ice cream related products.  Where else can you get a painting of a dairy cow or a cd of Cow-Tunes for the car ride home?


  • Blue Bell Country Store, Parlor & Visitor Center | 1101 South Blue Bell Road  Brenham, Texas 77833
  • Observation deck is open Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. Closed most holidays
  • Country Store and Ice Cream Parlor is open Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m

As I have mentioned, this is one of our family’s favorite outings.  So if you ever find yourself in Houston take a little drive up to Brenham for a taste of the best ice cream in Texas.