Quick and Easy Personalized Disney Autograph Book

There are many craft ideas for creating a personalized autograph albums.  And if you go on Etsy you can find numerous sellers that will make one for you. These autograph albums are stunning and are really very creative scrapbooks.

Unfortunately many of us (myself included) don’t have the time to make these over the top but wonderful albums.  But don’t sweat it.  You can still have a personalized album using a very basic album.

In this example the autograph album you can get at any cash register is used.  So there is no need to even buy one in advance. (yeah – no prep)  The album will run you about $8 and if you forgot an album you probably don’t have a chunky pen either.  They will be laying right next to the albums and will cost about $3.

Now you are ready to let your kids enjoy themselves and meet the characters.   The only things you need to remember are:

    • One signature per page
    • Leave the opposite page blank
    • Take photos of your child with the characters

That’s it until you get home. When you get home bring up your photos and let your child choose the photo they like best for that character meeting.

Choosing Photos for a Disney Autograph Album

Hint: This project is great for Instagram Cell Phone Photos.  So feel free to just send the photos directly from your phone to a printer.

Once you have decided on your photos print them however you wish. In this example the photos were cropped to 3.5 inches square and printed on a home printer on 4 x 6 photo paper.

If needed you can crop the photos and then let your child use acid free tape to place them in the album. (please note I did help Little Man crop the photos – he was definitely supervised)

Cropping Photos for a Disney Autograph Album

What is great about this album is you don’t have pre-designed pages that will restrict you to a character.  And it allows you to repeat characters.  Never trip we may meet Minnie again and it is ok to have her sign it again because we will add a new photo and it will be a way of documenting how Little Man is growing.

 Disney Autograph Album - Minnie Mouse

Hope this shows you that personalizing does not mean you have to put much effort into it.  The main purpose is to add the memories for later.

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