Disney’s Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorer Club


Wilderness Explorers at Disney Animal Kingdom

On our last trip we got the chance to begin our quest to become a Senior Wilderness Explorer just like Russell of Pixar’s Up.  This is something we have been excited to do and it did not disappoint.

A Little Bit About Wilderness Explorers

Become a Wilderness Explorer is a scavenger-ish like hunt at the Animal Kingdom Park.   You are given a Wilderness Explorer Handbook and you must complete activities to get the applicable badges.

There are stations set up all over Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park staffed by Wilderness Explorer Troop Leaders that will help you get each badge.

 How to Sign Up

You begin your journey coming in over the bridge from the park entrance to Discovery Island.

As you step off the bridge you will find a kiosk on the right with a big banner that reads…  The Wilderness must be Explored!

Wilderness Explorer Recruitment Station on Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom

This is the place where you will find Troop Leaders to sign you up as a new Wilderness Explorer.  You are given your handbook and taught the Wilderness Explorer Call.

The Wilderness Must Be Explored. CAW CAW. ROAR.

Learning the call will earn you your first badge and your Wilderness Explorer sticker.

Disney Wilderness Explorer Handbook - Wilderness Explorer Call Directions and Badge

Tip: Learn the call well because as you obtain additional badges Troop Leaders, Badge Guides, fellow Wilderness Explorers, and even Cast Members will great you with it.

And they will expect a response.  Now this goes both ways and you can make any Cast Member do the call to.  Makes for a bit of entertainment along the way.

Where to get Badges

There are over 30 badges to collect to become a Senior Wilderness Explorer so don’t think you can do this all in one trip.  There is a map in your handbook that shows you where all of the badge locations are.

Disney Wilderness Explorer Handbook - Map of Badge Stations

Badges aren’t hard to get but they are also not just showing up at one the stations and being handed one either.  You may have to observe animals, answer questions, or even listen to a HAM radio for clues.  Plan on spending a minimum of 5 minutes at any station.

Types of Badge Requirements

It is made for kids of all ages so sometimes the younger kids may need some help from Mom or Dad.  But this makes it appealing to the older kids and helps create family memories as you complete each badge.  (and don’t expect a Cast Member to help you – you have to learn things on your own)

Disney Wilderness Explorer Handbook - Flamingo Badge

Some badges even build on others.  For example the Conservation badge requires you have the Animal Nutrition, Veterinary, and Recycling Badge first.

Disney Wilderness Explorer Handbook - Conservatory and Animal Nutrition Badge

I really enjoy the fact that it is going to take multiple trips for us to reach Senior Wilderness Explorer status.

I would think an adult on a mission could pull it off in a day or day and a half.  But kids will take much longer and want to talk to the Troop Leaders and Badge Guides. They really make it fun and interactive.

So enjoy it and remember…

And Explorer is a Friend to all, Be It Plants or Fish or Tiny Mole.

Have fun and we’ll see you out in the Wilderness!!

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