Disney Cruise Alaska Adventure Part 3

Disney Cruise Alaska Adventure - Adding Vintage Appeal to Your Bon Voyage

Sharon here with the 3rd article in the  Alaskan cruise adventure series.  Thanks for following along with my experiences aboard the Disney Wonder in May of 2012.

I will also share my scrapbooking processes and ideas on how to create a Disney scrapbook with a sophisticated vibe. Last time I shared my title page which had a modern whimsical feel with the inspiration of the layout being from an actual movie poster. Today I will share with you the first layout that will follow the title page.  It has a more vintage nautical feel to it.

Organizing a Travel Album

But before I get to that I want to describe how I plan on putting together my album.  I do not scrap chronologically in general but for a travel album, particularly a cruise, I thought I would break my rule and have the album flow in order of the ports of call.

This will be the main bulk of the album.  However, we also spent quite a few days in two great cities: Vancouver & Seattle.  I knew I wanted to have some fun with these pages and take some liberties with color and embellishments that will deviate from the rest of the Alaska pages that will be more neutral based.

I also did not want to open my album with pages of Vancouver.  As lovely as those days were & I took many photos – we went to Butchart gardens, visited the Aquarium, etc. it would take the focus away from the cruise itself.

I wanted my album to have that CRUISE look right from the beginning – that WOW look at this gorgeous ship and ALASKA !!!!  How exciting!

So I decided to have a separate section at the very end of my album that will focus on the days we spent in Seattle & Vancouver.  My album is getting larger by the day so it is likely that I will have to make a second album anyway and that is where those pages will go.

Adding A Vintage Look To Your Pages

So getting back to the title page and the first layout that have different styles… how will these pages go together you might ask?

It’s all in the color scheme. Staying with a base of neutrals throughout my book (with some exceptions) and focusing on the photos will enable all the pages to flow together.  I also decided that for this album when I want to focus on the Disney aspects of the trip or the ship itself that I would use muted tones of the typical bright Disney colors of blue, red, green, gold and utilize sophisticated paper patterns.

No Disney-esque papers will be used, for the most part.  When I want to incorporate Disney embellishments – i.e. a Donald Duck sticker –  I often shrink these embellishments way down in size and place them in unexpected spots on the page.

Using the rubber stamp tool or filters is another great way to subdue those bright mickey ears. That way it adds the Disney fun to the page without screaming DISNEY!!! Which for me, would take away from the photography and just be too much for the sophisticated look I want to achieve.

In addition, while traveling I try to remember to take photos of small architectural details to later use on my pages. A cruise ship is loaded with things to photograph! Taking photos of your room # plaque, the carpets, the windows, the artwork, even nautical aspects of the ship like the rails or portholes are great inspiration even if you end up not using all of these photos. I will talk more about this next Tuesday when I share a layout I made of the Disney Wonder.

The Embarkment (Bon Voyage)

So my very first layout is the embarkement – the Bon Voyage. Ordinarily, a typical Caribbean cruise send-off is full of fruity drinks, loud festive music, sunshine and dancing but a Vancouver departure is a much more stately sort of affair.

I wanted to create an overcast feel – because it certainly was overcast!  I also wanted to tap into the turn-of-the-century feel that Walt Disney used in his design of Main Street USA- minus the frou-frou.  Apparently Walt Disney was fascinated by all types of transportation, especially rail & steamship during the golden age of transportation.

Disney Cruise Lines designed the ships to look much like the grand cruisers of that era.  Like the Titanic…but we won’t go there! Most cruise ships today have that big white bulky floating hotel type of look but the Disney ships are streamlined, curvy and colorful and very vintage looking.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Disney Wonder in Alaska

page credits: Gina Miller paper pack – Gypsy Faire :: Dayplanner by One Little Bird :: antique button – by Simple Pleasure designs – Jennifer Fehr

So in keeping with that I created the first page with a photo that I took while in a sea plane getting ready to land.  I was lucky enough to have a great view of the ship as we approached.  The first thing I did was edit in Lightroom using a preset called Color CP and making some adjustments.  The filter has an increased contrast and a film type of effect. Greens are increased a bit and the vignette helps give it a vintage edge.

Hint: If you do not use Lightroom or Photoshop but have a smart phone you can import a photo from your computer into your phone and use a camera app. to achieve a similar effect – then simply export it back into your computer to use on your page!

I then blended the photo into 5 different papers.  I used reduced opacity and the blending tool to mash it all together! The paper pack I chose does not look anything remotely like a cruise.  But what the papers did have was a soft color palette and writing/newsprint which I knew would look great with the ship plus the soft colors would blend well with the water.

I added embellishments at the very top of the page from a kit called Dayplanner. That kit itself is more modern but again has those muted colors and a simplicity which added a touch of nautical without looking “off” when paired with the papers.  Banners and arrows are a very hot trend and these are perfect elements for any type of boating. I used a banner to display the travel itinerary. The font is Jane Austen – again giving that worn vintage handwriting look.  Later on I might use all that available white space in the design to journal some more or just leave blank.  This page would also make a great album cover design.

The page on the right side of the layout utilizes 2 templates. The one on the top came with all those great banners ready to be customized.  Again using papers from a pack called “India Ink” I incorporated traditional Disney colors but toned it way down. The patterns found in the papers are sophisticated textiles – no whimsy, or ships’ wheels or the Little Mermaid.  I did add a paper with little hearts for the circles in the back – so just a touch of fun there and a hint of Disney.  Wood accents or chipboard is another great way to hint at the polished wood found on cruise ships. I used those down on the bottom template along with the teeny tiny Donald pointing the way.  I love the motion that conveys – All Aboard – let’s go!!!

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Leaving Vancouver on the Disney Wonder

page credits: templates : bottom – freebie challenge at the Lilypad, top – All Shaped Up Banners by Amy Martin :: Gina Miller paper packs – India Ink & Gypsy Faire :: Dayplanner by One Little Bird :: Wood veneer shapes by Sahlin Studio :: antique buttons and stitching by Simple Pleasure Designs – Jennifer Fehr

Travel Notes

I was so glad we scheduled 3 days in Vancouver before our cruise.  Vancouver was gorgeous.  The photo on the right is typical of their weather – it rained every day we were there except the first day.  Our first day not only did we not have our luggage but we flew on a sea plane to Victoria to go to Butchart Gardens.  Thankfully we had sunny skies for the gardens and we were still comfortable in our clothing from the day before.

There is a lot to do and see in Vancouver & Victoria: great restaurants & world class shopping, Butchart gardens, Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium to name just a few highlights. If I had to pick only 1 city out of the two to book extra days into my trip I would pick Vancouver over Seattle. I might get to Seattle again in my lifetime but probably not Vancouver. The gardens are not to be missed and Stanley Park and the Aquarium is great for children if you do have your entire family with you.

I also learned in case of lost luggage to carry on your heaviest jacket and hiking boots and thick socks – don’t pack in checked luggage the clothing you plan to wear during the coldest weather in Alaska.  We were lucky in that our luggage was just stuck in San Francisco and caught up with us. However if we had not had that extra time in Vancouver we would have had to scramble to replace those items or just board the ship without them!  Winter gear is expensive. If you do forget any items the shops onboard do have winter gear, including very cute arctic animal hats.  This is important because it is likely that you will have your coldest weather at the beginning of the cruise which includes the glacier viewing.  🙂

Scrapbooking Notes

  • Do…consider toning down the Disney embellishments and colors on your grown-up Disney pages.
  • Do…use presets or filters on your photographs for great vintage travel pages.
  • Do…look for patterns and lines in your papers & embellishments instead of theme.
  • Do…combine kits and papers that don’t normally go together.
  • Do…book a couple extra days in your embarkment city before boarding for your cruise. Make any last minute purchases and get over any jet lag. Relax, leave your real life behind and get ready to cruise!

Happy Scrapping & see you next time!

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