Disney Cruise Alaska Adventure Part 2

Disney Cruise Alaskan Adventure - Part 2 Onboard Phots and Title Pages

Good morning! Sharon here with the second article in the Alaskan Adventure Series.  Today I will share with you the title page I made for my Alaska scrapbook.

I actually scrapped over 35 pages before I created the title page.  I often do this until I have a better feel for the overall tone & appearance of my album. I also tend to get really stumped when it comes to the title page.  I think this is a good thing because other than the cover, the title page is probably one of the most important pages in an album.

Title Page Tips

I will often save particular photos for the title page and also the end page.  I choose the photos that have the most emotional impact.  So, that doesn’t always mean that they are the best photos necessarily – just the ones that bring a tear to my eye or make my throat swell! The title & end pages are also great pages to try new techniques, write long dedications or simply have a full bleed photo or even a teeny-tiny photo and a few simple words.

For travel albums a title page is a bit easier because usually there is no lack of great scenic photos to choose from.  The challenge can be finding quality photos of family because often those photos will be taken by strangers at the top of some windy mountain peak or in the middle of crowds of people. This brings me to one of the things I love the most about traveling anywhere that has the Disney name attached.  Disney makes it easy to obtain wonderful photos of your family. I have found the cruise ships to be absolutely the very best for obtaining character photos/experiences and the scenic travel photos with amazing backdrops.

On the cruise ships characters are everywhere!  Usually you will have an assigned character breakfast in addition to characters making appearances all over the ship day & night! There is no fighting the crowds or waiting in long lines (except for formal night).

In addition, photography stations will be set up every evening with various backdrops to choose from.  Ranging from the ship lit up at night for those formalwear pics to pirate backdrops or just a plain white backdrop – there is something for everyone. I found that after formal night is over and done with that later on into your cruise the lines will be non-existent. Also consider having your photos done after dinner if you do not have very young children. If you wait until later in the evening there will be no lines.

uses Creative Memories Storybook Creator and extraction

page credits:
word art & embellishments: Jennifer Fehr designs
Once Upon a Time word art and top journaling strips: “Fairytale” by One Little Bird

Layering Photos

Now here’s the thing with the plain white backdrop – you really want to get these shots done and here’s why: with a plain white background it makes it possible for you to do an easy extraction in your software, removing that background and then layering the people (your family!) onto any other photo you like!  This can make for some really unique fantasy type scrapbook pages.

Above you can see my title page where I have done exactly that.  We were definitely on that glacier in order to take the photos but we were not lounging in that snow barefoot wearing our Mickey ears & pirate gear!  I extracted myself and husband from the white backdrop and then layered the photo on top of the larger scenic snow photo.  You might be wondering why given that the snow is white too – why would I need to extract at all?  White on white still shows a line…so for best effect the backdrop still needed to disappear.

I created this page with Storybook Creator 4.0 using the magic wand tool.  Again, the white backdrop was easier to remove as the magic wand was able to select all the white very easily. I then used the erase tool & the soften edge filter to fine tune the edges. Obviously, these types of extractions can also be performed in any Photoshop program as well.

In total there are 4 photos layered on this page: my husband & I taken aboard the ship, an extraction of the helicopter from our helicopter trip, the photo of the cruise ship that I took from a seaplane in Victoria and then finally the main background photo of the glacier.  I used the blending tool to blend them all together.  It took a while to get the perspective just right and of course it’s not perfect and that’s ok since the overall look is one of whimsy and fantasy.

One more thing – I used a movie poster as the inspiration for the page.  Looking for inspiration in retail catalogs, movie posters and and other graphic art is a great way to get un-stumped in your scrapping. I have found that even a trip to Target will give me ideas that I can use on a page.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Cruise Adventure Family Photo

page credits – Creative Memories digital

Some tips for your on-board photos:

1. Do plan ahead before your trip!  Ask your husband & your children what they would be willing to do as far as costumes, formal wear, etc.  Get them involved – they just might surprise you! As you can see my husband not only agreed to wear wedding Mickey ears but he really got into the whole pirate thing too.  Sure we felt a little silly – here we were, two empty nesters wearing our bride & groom ears….but when would we have that opportunity again?

2. Do choose the white backdrop!  I saw some amazing sibling shots in the gallery that looked fabulous. If you want professional shots that do not scream “Cruise photo” – go for the white backdrop! This is also your chance to ham it up or wear costumes.  In addition, with a white backdrop these photos will make great black & white conversions – add a Pottery Barn frame and voila! Much less expensive than hiring that professional photographer back home.

3. Do check the photo kiosk the same day your photos were taken. If you do not like them – take them again!  You can have as many photos taken during the week as you like!

4. Do purchase the digital DVD of all of your photos instead of prints. Usually with their packages you are going to get the prints anyway if you purchase the DVD. I wished that I could have purchased just the disc but that is not how their packages are set up.  So even if you end up with more that you can possibly use you can always give the extra prints to Grandma or let your own children make their own scrapbooks with them.  Remember that with the digital files you can manipulate the photos for your scrapbook.  Sure you can always scan the prints but the quality will suffer and the extractions will not be as good.  So, if it is important to you…spend the money to get the disc!

5. Skip the formal wear if you have any reservations about it.  Although I do like the formalwear photos of my family that we had taken on a Caribbean cruise they were not my favorites.  The white backdrop was my favorite! If the formal wear night is just not your thing and you want to save room in your suitcase – skip it! Plenty of people attend dinner in their regular clothing on formal night.  I have found it to be about 50/50 – so on a Disney cruise rest assured that you can feel comfortable whichever route you choose.

Until next time ….Happy Scrapping!

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