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Sharon here with some more dog sledding pages!

First, I will share with you a special page I created for my longer journaling about this excursion during our Disney Alaskan cruise.  For the dog sledding section in my album I kept the pages focused on the photos with brief journaling bits here and there and then wrote a much longer piece since the day had such a big impact on me. {tweet this

For this page I created the background paper from a piece of Creative Memories paper from the Traveler kit.  It had a nice neutral white space area perfect for writing and then a great decorative swirl near the edge.  I then blended a photograph into the paper.  To do this I began with a photo that I took of a photo actually! It was a photo hanging in the helicopter company office.  I walked around and took photos of everything they had hanging on their walls with the knowledge that not only could I use them in my scrapbooking as custom embellishments but that with today’s powerful editing tools I would be able to improve the photographic flaws that were bound to occur.

Hint: I also want to mention here that because the photos are going to be manipulated anyway to make custom papers and so forth it is not necessary to get the most perfect photos.  Again, the idea is to just capture an image that is workable. {tweet this Most of the time since the photo is going to be cropped, extracted or have reduced opacity to blend it or some other type of artsy manipulation the only thing that really matters is to get a reasonably  decent exposure and get it in focus.

I greatly enlarged the face of the dog and then using filters in Creative Memories Storybook Creator (SBC 4.0) I softened & blended the edges and then reduced the opacity so that it would melt right into the paper.  I then added the word art and the white brush stroke underneath my title.  I typed up my journaling and it was done.  I completed the layout I used the same technique again on the facing page – this time it was a photo of the Iditarod map that was also hanging in the office.

I had this cool background paper in my stash that I was itching to use – it looked just like a journal complete with spiral bound edge and that little red tab.  One of my very favorite photos of the day was also going to be perfect with the Iditarod map.  I managed to take it from the helicopter as we were leaving and you can see the itty bitty dog sled and trail.  I love how that photo shows the immensity of the glacier & helps illustrate my story.

Hint: So again, taking photos of the little tiny details while on a trip is so important and can provide easy ways to embellish your pages at no extra cost to you or time spent on Google images. It is free and there are no potential copyright issues!

Disney Scrapbook Layout - Dog Sledding in Alaska by Sharon

Disney Scrapbook Layout - Dog Sledding in Alaska by Sharon

Here is my journaling:

“I wasn’t really sure exactly what to expect for our first excursion. Having never been on a glacier before I thought it was going to be extremely cold.  Not only was it not cold but the day was gorgeous with blue skies, lots of sunshine and ever SO perfect for photographs.  So, with great anticipation we boarded the helicopter and took off.

It was a bit scary at first but I was so excited I soon forgot my fear.  What a magnificent view!  Mountain peaks as far as the eye could see – Alaska must be absolutely immense.  I had that moment of clarity while realizing I truly was just a tiny speck of cosmic dust.  Moments like that shift my perspective reminding me how very small some of my own personal challenges in life are.  I soaked up every moment.  Then to land in this absolutely pristine stretch of nothingness!  Just snow, mountain peaks and dogs. It was like walking into a National Geographic magazine

The dogs were so excited when we went sledding.  We learned that they do get breaks & they don’t live up there permanently.  Some of them even train for the Iditarod.  Strict guidelines have to be abided – they even collect every bit of dog hair that is groomed off the dogs and send them back by helicopter in bags so that nothing impacts the glacier.

The sledding was exhilarating and once we got going I realized why people do this.  It’s a blast and the dogs were so funny – they are literally chomping at the bit to get going.  Once they got confused and stopped and then got a bit tangled.  The lead dog was very in tune with the guide – he kept looking back at the guide every once in a while to see if he was doing it right. They totally understand what they are doing and there is a method to which dogs they put in which positions.  She told us the smarter dogs get the lead position and the more feisty, strong ones take the positions towards the sled because they bear most of the weight.  Makes sense!

It all ended too soon and before I knew it we were back in the helicopter being whisked back to Skagway.  It was absolutely the best thing I have ever done on a vacation.  I just loved every minute of it.”

Disney Scrapbook Layout - Dog Sledding in Alaska by Sharon

Disney Scrapbook Layout - Dog Sledding in Alaska by Sharon

My other layout is my favorite layout of my entire album.  For the left page I mixed in 2 black & white photos which is one of my favorite things to do when scrapping.

I love to mix black & white or sepia photos with color photos & I especially love it for travel pages.  For the entire layout I kept the colors very cool toned and blended with the photos and used the bright orange of our vests as the slight accent to make everything pop.

Hint: Try blending papers into your snow or water photos for a fun artsy effect. {tweet this} In SBC 4.0 you would use the cutting tool set to blended edge.  In addition, I also play with the opacity as well. It does take some practice and sometimes it takes several tries to get it the way you want it to look – love that un-do button!  For the right hand page – sometimes one photo is all it takes to make a page, right?

Happy Scrapping!

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Scrapbook Page Credits:

  • Creative Memories – Traveler kit
  • Layered dates – set 3 by Cindy Schneider
  • Bound papers #3 – K.Pertiet at Designer digitals
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