This post is part of a series on creating an Adoption Lifebook. These posts reflect my personal journey creating an album for my son. I welcome your thoughts and tips on making an adoptee or foster care Lifebook as we go along.

A Lifebook is not a scrapbook even though you can make one in a scrapbook style (which is what I am doing). It is the true story of a child’s journey through adoption. From the moment they are born until they are a part of their forever family.

Last time I focused on when they were born and today we giving them a bit more information about their parent and the start of their story.

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Beginning Their Story

In open adoption cases you may have much more information about the story of their birth but for closed and international adoptions you have to be a detective and piece together their history from bits of information in the reports.

We were luck enough that the birth mother completed an interview prior to giving Mr T up for adoption. She filled in a bit of information about how she met the birth father and their relationship.

I struggled here a bit as you can read between the lines and see the negative side to the relationship. There is a balance when adding this information to the book. I did not want to hide information but I also did not want Mr T to think he was a mistake.

My recommendation is to stay factual and not add any of your feelings into this page. Let them come to their own conclusions later on in life.

On the other hand if you find a positive highlight it.! In this case the birth mother shared the meaning behind Mr T’s name and it showed her love for him and her wish for him to have the best in life. It showed she cared and he was worth it.

You can tell she really cared about him and hopefully it comes through on this page. This page also gives him a bit of insight into his parents and that is very important.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Feel free to share in the comments below.

Making an Adoption Life Book - Beginning Their Story


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