Mickey Head Paper Ornament Tutorial + Freebie

Mickey Paper Ornament Tutorial

It’s that time of year again… time to decorate the house and spend time with family.

This year I went looking for a quick project to get into the spirit.  I found wonderful paper craft ornaments and I knew I could throw a Disney spin onto them.

So here you are… my version of the paper ornament, just with some Mickey ears added in for good measure.


All you need to make these ornaments are:

  • 4 pieces of paper in different colors or patterns.  Make sure one is black for the Mickey ears.
  • Scissors or other cutting tools (i.e. circle cutter, personal cutter, punches, etc.) to make the circles and ears.
  • Adhesive that is strong enough to hold paper that is trying to pull apart.  I recommend either doubles sided tape or extra strong glue dots.
  • Wire or string to keep the ears together and use to make a place to add a hook.
  • 2 Paper clips to keep things stationary as you work.

Mickey Paper Ornamant - Supplies

You can cut these out by hand or use a personal cutter or circle cutter to make all of the parts.   I used my Cricut Explore {affiliate link} to make all of the parts for my Mickey ornament.

I am including a printable version of my template for you to use.  CLICK HERE to download the printable.

I will be offering the SVG cutting file and PNG files to my newsletter subscribers this weekend and on the Magical Tutorials page that is only available to subscribers.  If you need to sign up, CLICK HERE.

Mickey-Ears-3Mickey Paper Ornamant - Computer and Cricut Explore

You will need to cut out:

  • One Mickey head.  Black is traditional but don’t let that stop you for using other colors and patterns.
  • Four circles of each color or pattern.  You will end up having 12 circles.  6 for each side of the ornament.
  • Bow for Minnie (optional).  Not shown but included with template.

Once you have everything cut them out.  Set up two stacks of circles.  Each with six circles alternating papers as shown below.

Mickey Paper Ornamant - Parts

Putting it Together

Choose two circle (one from each stack) to be the base of the ornament.

Adhere one circle on each side of the Mickey Head.  I use Scor-Tape {affiliate link} and I love it.  It is easy to make into any needed shape and it holds really well.

Mickey-Ears-5Mickey Paper Ornamant - Taping the First Circles

Fold over each of the remaining circle in half.  Make sure to use make a crisp fold using a paper scorer or ruler.

Put them back into two piles (one for each side).  Place a pile on each side of the Mickey head with the creases vertical.  Use paper clips to temporarily secure them in place.

Mickey Paper Ornamant - Folding the Circles

Use wire, twine or string to bring everything together.  If using wire I recommend 24 guage.

Just wrap the wire or string around the Mickey head following the crease you make in the circles on the previous step.

Twist the wire at the top to secure it in place.  If using twine or string tie it in a knot.

Mickey Paper Ornamant - Using Wire to Secure Everything

Once the wire is tightened you can make a hanger by making a loop and then twisting the remaining wire around the bottom of the loop.

Mickey Paper Ornamant - Making a Loop with the extra WireNow to put it all together.

All you need to do is take a piece of adhesive and put it at around the 30 degree mark (around 2 0’clock).  Then place the next piece of paper on top of it.

On that piece of paper you just laid down put a piece of adhesive at the 150 degree mark (around 5 0’clock).  Then place the next piece of paper on top of it.

Repeat those steps alternating between the degrees until you have finished that side of the Mickey head.  Flip over and repeat.

Mickey Paper Ornamant - Putting it Together

Finished Product

Once you have taped all of the pieces of paper down you will have a beautiful ornament ready for any tree.

Just add a tree hook or pieced of ribbon for hanging.

Mickey Paper Ornamant

You can also play around with the pattern.  Even add a bow for Minnie (template included in printable).   The possibilities are endless.

Mickey Paper Ornamant - Options

I hope this inspires you to take a stab at making paper ornaments for your tree.

Have a wonderful holiday season!




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Mickey Paper Ornamant Freebie PRives - PNG, PDF and SVG Cutting File