Engineering a happy family one blog post at a time.

It is possible to have a full time career and be the perfect ‘stay at home’ mom. Or at least perfect-ish.

Launched in April 2011, Capturing Magical Memories® shares straight-forward ideas for balancing a busy life, surviving parenthood, and creating family memories through activities, travel and photography.

Our Mission is to focus on family and provide our readers with ways to:

  1. Create memories through kid friendly activities, travel and local attractions
  2. Preserve memories through photography, video and scrapbooking
  3. Balance life commitments with the desire to be the perfect mom

I also am a co-owner of Magical Blogorail.   A blogger co-op sharing the best in family adventure and travel. Close to home and across the globe.

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Appearances and Accolades

Good Enough Mother - Rene SylerCapturing Magical Memories® is popular with the Disney and Scrapbooking community thought leaders. To date, Capturing Magical Memories® has been:

What Do Our Readers Say About Us?

Thank you for your incredible, supportive, generous, and stories sent to us by email, facebook, and twitter. Here is a taste of how what our readers think…

“I just love visiting your blog Mary- it is full of color and life! Your Fan Board is an amazing idea; it makes me wish I had scrapbooking talents. I’ll be sure to return” ~ DIStherapy

“Sharon, this is FANTASTIC! LOVE your tips, and your layouts, and especially the photos and your words. I can only hope to have pages half as engaging as yours!  EXCELLENT reminder to people to mix it up. If we only used the stuff in one kit, or by one designer, we’d be in a rut. I want my layouts to be creative, a reflection of ME. That’s part of the legacy of albums. Thank you for the amazingness you share!”  ~ Lori B

“I adore your pictures-your scrapbooking has inspired to to go take out my Cricut and my Disney paper right now!” ~ DisneyGalGayle

“It’s helped motivate me to get back to work on my scrapbook!”  ~ Michelle P.

“Your tutorials are fantastic! Great job! The step-by-step is so easy to follow! Thank you!” ~ Brandy

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