Happy New Year!

This is a very short post as I am trying to squeeze every ounce of my holiday out that I can! 🙂

To end my Christmas album series I wanted to share a layout I made of the spectacular Osbourne lights at Hollywood Studios.  We almost were not going to go but at the last minute decided to check it out and…. WOW!!!! I am so glad we made the trek over there. 

If you decide to travel to Disney World during the holidays this is a MUST do.  Put it at the top of your list of sights to see.

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Osborne Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios by Sharon

We were transfixed at the sheer amount of lights and the coordinating music display that occurs at regular intervals during the evening.  I took many photos and I was very pleased at how well they turned out. No need to worry about low light that’s for sure!

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Osborne Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios by Sharon

Disney Scrapbook Page Layout - Osborne Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios by Sharon

Here are some mind-blowing statistics regarding the light display:

5 million individual lights or 350 miles of lights.

  • More then 40 Mickey images are hidden throughout.
  • A 70-foot-tall Christmas tree glittering with 58,000 lights and a 30-foot-tall tree with 27,300 lights.
  • A whopping 800,000 watts of electricity are used along the park’s 760-foot-long New York, Chicago & San Francisco Streets.
  • More than 350 miles of Christmas lights wrap around the display with 32.2 miles of extension cables.
  • Busy elves took 21,000 hours to install the lights.
  • Sixty-six snow machines and 100 gallons of snow fluid are used to create a flurry of snowflakes

So how did all this began? According to Studioscentral.com

History of the Osborne Lights

The story of the Osborne Lights goes back to Jennings Osborne and his family, who lived in Little Rock, Arkansas. The patriarch of the family, Jennings Osborne, was asked by his six year old daughter Breezy in 1986, if he would put up Christmas lights and so he did. Each year, he would put up more and more light displays because he was the sort of man that always tried to out do himself. Jennings’ passion continued and in 1993, the display grew to 3 million lights and could be seen by plane from as far as 80 miles away.

As amazing a display as it was, you might expect his neighbors to be a bit annoyed by the lights and traffic it generated from those who wanted to view them. A nuisance was filed against the Osborne Family’s lights and the case made it to the Arkansas Supreme Court where a settlement was reached.  Jennings agreed to shorten the time his lights were turned on and hired four off-duty policemen to assist neighbors leaving and returning to their home.  Unfortunately an incident involving another family that arrived late but wanted to see the lights resulted in Jennings turning the lights on after hours and was subsequently fined $10,000 by the Arkansas Courts.

Following the incident, his neighbors once again rallied to have the lights turned off but just as all hope seemed lost for Jennings and his beloved light display, Walt Disney World stepped in and offered to showcase the lights at their park. Starting in 1995, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights opened with 4 million lights at the Disney-MGM Studios. Initially the lights were displayed on Residential Street in the Backlot Tour area, but following it’s demolition in favor of Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show back in 2004, the lights moved to the Streets of America area.  In 2006, Disney added a new touch, by making the lights “dance”.  The dancing effect was a result of carefully planned choreography of the lights to some classic Christmas music.

Here ends my Christmas album series.  I’m not done with the album yet but I sure got a lot done.  Stay warm and get some scrapping done everyone.

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Happy New Year and see you next week!

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Scrapbook Page Credit – all elements by Creative Memories